Can Rami Malek act? How the No Time to Die baddie became the most polarizing actor in Hollywood

Rami Malek He is our greatest extraterrestrial actor. Unfortunately he is human. Over the past few years, he’s been an outsider in cinema, whether or not the roles themselves call for weird.

in a Bohemian RhapsodyMalik won an Academy Award for playing a pair of fashion store teeth as Freddie Mercury. Earlier this year, in the movie Denzel Washington little things, was inexplicably weirder as a bona fide cop than the serial killer he’s been after (played by Jared Leto, a slightly less grotesque). And this week, it’s comfortably the most motivating aspect of the new James Bond Movie No time to die. It raises some important questions, the most important of which are: Can Rami Malek act?

Well, he can. But to some extent. Malik is a polarizing performer, an actor who pumps a very specific barrel of tics into his characters. Watching him is almost like seeing someone trying to crawl out of his skin, every line whispered nervously, his body language tense and anxious. It’s certainly interesting and unique, but it’s probably best taken in short, sharp doses.

in a No time to dieMalik plays 007’s last enemy: a vengeful assassin who sneaks up on his hideout on the island. The part is a compendium of Bond villain clichés, from his all-too-familiar plot of world domination to his scarred and therefore sinister facial scars, but Malik’s performance doesn’t help matters. “Few actors can replace a role with these basics, and Malik is not one of them,” he wrote. Indiewire In their review, which also criticized the film’s “mixture of Malik’s Eastern European accent.” He wrote that he was “deprived of charisma and energy” metro. “His specialty is mumbling in an ominous monotony,” he added. daily screen. Malik is the “vulgar vulgar weak link” in the movie financial times. and so on and so on.

Malik’s slightly skewed acting choices seem to stem from his process, which includes providing “a large number of demo shots before I get to perhaps one.” [work]He explained it to Robert Downey Jr. during a conversation with him interview magazine 2016 – When Malik was the star of the TV series Mr. Robot — but by 2018 he seemed to have moved on to his life off-camera, too. Lots of profile interview that year New York times It is addressed by describing Malik’s erratic flexibility. Journalist Kara Buckley wrote: “I had to ask why he was so nervous at the start of the interview.” “He shivered, hugged, crossed his legs and jaw, scratched his arms and shook with a wonderful frequency indicating advanced jitters or massive amounts of caffeine.”

Fame is not for everyone, and Malik has always looked like a character actor who is uncomfortably positioned as a leading man. But it’s especially curious to watch him advance big and wide in a new movie when it was more subtle. Malik has always stood out in his films. Perhaps it was because of his dark, baggy eyes or the quiet elegance that he imbued him with even in his smallest roles. Whatever the reason, he had never been a lightning rod as he was eager to watch. But it is different now. Somewhere along the line his acting seemed to change, Malik gave up much of the coolness of his first parts in the process.

Go back a decade and find a wonderful owner as a well-meaning but hopelessly naive rich kid in the indie game. short term 12. It also mysteriously lingers on the sidelines of Paul Thomas Anderson the master As Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son-in-law, he’s always watching, wondering, and plotting something. The most important scene for an owner in the master His face is not actually shown. His character participates in a ritual of the Hoffmann religious movement where he barks insulting “facts” for Joaquin PhoenixVeterans adrift. It’s a chilling moment, but to Malik it also seemed like a rewarding one.

Malik’s uncommon performance today seems to cast the shadow of the style-packed Phoenix. And it’s almost as if a horrific part of the transformation happened in their scene together in the masterThe spirit of Stanislavsky’s claim moves from one small Hollywood mogul to another.

Malik as Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody”


Whether Phoenix could get away with it himself is debatable – all his acting methods are quite cumbersome to a point – but he at least had the foresight to spread his deeply committed limbs on good movies. The Joker. He also seems to realize that there is a time and place for everything. Phoenix has become big on movies that require a certain kind of high nervous and physical energy – think the masterAnd inherent vice or the village – but he’s more than able to call him also in a file she has or a You weren’t really here.

On the other hand, Malik applies his idiosyncrasies to movies that don’t really require them. little things is kind of sub-Se7en A cops-and-killers movie that likely starred Ashley Judd 20 years ago and isn’t a clear opportunity for a brutal method. As a result, you get distracted. Bond villains, too, work best with a little piece of camp for them, whether it’s your fam jansen cruising by breaking men’s necks between her thighs in golden eyeOr the slippery homeopathy of Javier Bardem sky fall Bad guy. Looks like Malik is trying to emulate Bardem’s No time to die, but somewhat seriously. There’s no neatly organized glamor or brilliance – just misplaced allure.

All of this makes Malik a jarring movie star, a bit of a stranger on screen but no longer particularly productive. And when you’re too much for a franchise that once featured a henchman with killer teeth made of hardened steel, well, you know something went terribly wrong.

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