Call of Duty made ڈالر 3 billion in 2020, so of course activation blizzard is eliminating QA.

One of its responsible studios Call of DutyThe success of is firing QA testers who are reportedly earning $ 17 an hour for their work on the franchise Activation Blizzard, earning $ 3 billion in 2020. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War And CoD: War zone According to reports from, one-third of its contract QA testers have now left. Kotaku And The Washington Post.

Austin O’Brien, Associate Community Manager for Raven, said the team members were. Individual meetings are being called. Let it be known whether he will still have a job on January 28. So far, the company has reportedly fired about a third, or about a dozen, of its QA testers, but more follow-up is possible.. Post Citing an anonymous Raven contractor, he said: “Everyone was told after the bad news was told, ‘You did nothing wrong.’

A Better ABK, an employee advocacy group, They say Many employees moved to Wisconsin for work without the help of Activation Blizzard. O’Brien too Tweeted That the company was promising team members that they would receive a pay rise after completing the pay restructuring from Activation (the owner of Raven), and this could be cruelly true: Kotaku The report said that the number of workers will be increased from $ 17 per hour to $ 18.50 per hour with better benefits and bonuses.

Bloomberg Reporter Jason Scherer Tweeted That some of the testers he spoke to will not know their status until next week, which is likely to happen before they decide if they will have to take a vacation before looking for a job. They will have to endure an uncomfortable weekend. A QA tester for the studio Tweeted That they will not know until Tuesday, and Kotaku Reported that the developers of the studio learned about the word of mouth through word of mouth, rather than an official announcement.

Activation Blizzard has set a precedent for laying off workers in the midst of business boom. Kotaku To point out. In 2019, the company fired about 8% of its employees following CEO Bobby Kotick’s announcement that its 2018 financial results were the best in the company’s history. In June, Kotak allegedly received 155 million after a shareholder vote – a few months earlier, the company laid off about 50 employees who organized the events, giving them three months of separation and $ 200 to Gave gift cards. reported. Call of Duty: Vanguard, A game developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision, was the second largest game launch in 2021.

Activision Blizzard has recently been the focus of attention due to dire working conditions and repeated non-compliance with claims of abuse and sexual harassment by employees. There are also allegations that Kotak had known about the problems for years and had a history of harassment. In less than a week, the company is about to launch an expansion. Call of Duty: War Zone Which is connected to it Vanguard.

Activation did not respond. the edgeComment request.

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