California recall: Positive results in COVID response, strong Democratic participation helped Gov. Newsom, ABC News exit poll shows

San Francisco (KGO) – ABC News exit poll The results reveal the most important concerns of voters in California summons to elect Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Governor Newsom has received positive results in his handling of the pandemic and a huge turnout advantage among Democrats.

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Survey data shows that 31% of voters described the pandemic as the number one issue in the state and 80% of those voters supported keeping Newsom in office.

Democrats outnumbered Republicans in polling data by 17 percentage points, 43-26% (with the rest of the independents and others).

Emphasizing the Republican Party’s challenges in California, 62% rated the Republican Party as unfavorable, compared to the lukewarm but positive 51% rating of the Democratic Party.

Only 3 in 10 said Newsom’s epidemic control measures are too strict, contradicting a major argument in the recall campaign against him. 70% support the state’s student mask mandate and 63% support the governor’s view of vaccination as a public health responsibility rather than a personal choice.

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But some results were less favorable to the incumbents; Six in 10 voters described the cost of living in their area as “uncontrollable”. Respondents were evenly split in rating the state’s economy negatively or positively, with a ratio of 50-47%.

Overall, 55% agreed with the way Newsom handles his job.

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ABC News contributed to this report.

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