California is said to have become the first state to make racial studies a requirement for high school graduation

Chile, since Governor Newsom’s impeachment victory, has been pressing the pen, signing new racial studies into law.

After it was officially announced on Friday, Newsom signed, stamped and delivered a bill requiring students to take the ethnic studies course that would be necessary to graduate from high school.

“Ethnic Studies courses enable students to learn their own stories—and those of their classmates,” Newsom stated.

A news release from Newsom’s office stated that Race Studies “will help expand educational opportunities in schools, and educate students about the diverse communities comprising California and Enhance academic engagement and achievement for students” Los Angeles Times reports.

The law will apply to those who graduate in 2030.

It comes as elected officials have challenged and opposed the education of Critical Race Theory. While other leaders such as Governor Abbott have expressed that they do not see this as necessary, Newsom feels otherwise.

America has been shaped by our shared history, much of it painful and etched with miserable injustice. [We] They must understand our nation’s entire history if we ever expect them to build a more just society.”

California is also reported to be the first state to do so.

After the death of George Floyd, California made it a responsibility to focus on racial inequality.

Roommates, how do you feel about this?

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