California becomes the first state to make it illegal to remove irrational condoms

In leading legislation, California It became the first country in the nation to make it It is illegal to remove a condom during intercourse without the consent of the partner.

inconsistent condom Removal – known as “incognito” – is now a civil crime like sexual battery under state law, allowing victims to sue perpetrators for damages.

The bill was introduced by a member of the Democratic House of Representatives Cristina Garcia’s photo, who started working on this problem after a Yale University Study 2017 Detection of the increasing incidents of hacking against gay women and men.

“Removing non-consensual condoms during sexual intercourse exposes victims to the physical risks of pregnancy and disease, and interviews show that many experience it as a A gross violation of dignity and independence,” noted the Yale study. “It can be understood as the conversion of consensual sex into non-consensual sex.”

Some online communities encourage going undercover and even sharing tips on how to cheat a sexual partner.

The California legislature passed the measure unopposed last month, and it was signed into law Thursday by the government. Gavin Newsom (Dr).

“I’m glad he’s there now some accountability For those who commit the act. “Sexual assaults, particularly on women of color, are constantly sweeping under the rug,” Garcia said in a statement. She noted that the disguise “causes long-term physical and emotional harm to its victims.”

“I urge other states to follow California’s lead and make it clear that hacking is not only unethical but illegal,” she added.

The new law was greeted on Twitter by Alexandra Brodsky, an attorney who conducted the Yale University study while still a law student.


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