Cairo Santos, Team Bears, embraces redemption in the match winner

DETROIT – With the Bears approaching the end zone in the final round of Thursday’s 16-14 victory, Kicker Cairo Santos found himself insane. They were going to score, he thought, and he wouldn’t have a chance to make up for the mistakes he made on Sunday and Thursday. He will have to wait another 10 days for a chance to kick a meaningful field goal again.

“Which is a good thing for the team,” he said. “But I used to feel selfish that way.”

Then, fearing that the Lions would allow them to score just to get the ball back, the Bears began a series of three laps, giving Santos an opportunity to try – and make – the winner out by 28 yards.

“It’s good when it happens quickly,” he said. “Rather than not getting a chance in the game or waiting an entire week.”

Sunday, Santos pushed 40 yards from the left in a game that the Bears lost by three. On Thursday, Santos made three kicks, but, he said, “cut” 53 yards, leaving the kick short in the third quarter that should get them up to nine kicks.

Bears senior statesman Jason Peters stepped in, approached Santos on the sidelines, and the kicker said, “He predicted he’d come down to kick.”

He was right.

“He was like, ‘You’re a leader on this team, you’re a weapon and we’re going to need you,'” Santos said.

Santos hasn’t been this inconsistent all season. He scored 40 field goals in the regular season, the longest active streak in the NFL, when he missed a 65-yard salute at the end of a Steelers game. He said he tried to kick that ball like a kick-off to get more distance, but said that didn’t affect his timing in the last two games.

He said, “You just have it behind you.” “And I hope we can use this as fire to keep going.”

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