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Burger King copies McDonald’s with celebrity meals – Boston news, weather, sports

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Burger King menu is undergoing a major transformation and its customers may not even notice. That’s why Burger King is hiring celebrities to promote the changes.

The burger chain It announced Thursday that it is banning 120 artificial ingredients from its food, from ketchup to cake, as part of its commitment to “real food.” Burger King said customers would not notice any difference in the taste of their food despite the changes.

It’s a “big milestone” for the company, which has been gradually removing artificial ingredient flavors and colors over the past five years, Eli Dottie, Burger King’s chief marketing officer, told CNN Business. The brand especially attracted people’s attention last year when it showcased a profile Moldy whoops in their ads. The goal was to promote the new preservative-free Whopper.

Thursday’s ad is an extension of the brand’s mission to attract customers who gravitate toward eating more healthy ingredients. For this update, Dottie said the chain has replaced the preserved pickles with fresh pickles. Other condiments that have been replaced by synthetic-free alternatives are mayonnaise, ranch dressing and ketchup.

“We’ve put each food ingredient that has had an associated change through some comprehensive consumer testing so we can be sure the ingredients aren’t just as good or better than they did before,” Doty said.

Made fast food chains like McDonald’s, Panera and Taco Bell Similar movements in recent years.

To promote this initiative, Burger King is copying McDonald’s and offering meal deals created by celebrities. The “Keep It Real” meals, which go on sale this Sunday, use their real names rather than the names of the more famous stages.

For example, rapper Nelly created the “Cornell Heinz Jr. Meal” that includes whopper cheese, french fries, and a small sprite. The meal from Brazilian singer Larissa Machado, known by fans as Anita, is the same as Nelly’s but He has the impossible massive While that. Singer-songwriter Lil Huddy, aka Chase Hudson, created a meal that includes her food New Spicy Chicken SandwichFour pieces of mozzarella cheese sticks and chocolate shake.

take a page from Successful McDonald’s Promotion Burger King fortunes can help. Restaurant Brands International, its owner, reported in July that sales jumped about 18% in the second quarter, but CEO Jose Seal is not pleased with its performance. (By comparison, McDonald’s sales were up 26% over the same time period.)

“However, we are not performing at the level we expect or look to ourselves,” Seal said in a phone call with an analyst. “We understand our larger areas of penetration opportunities. So, our core issue was really focused and fast.”

The series was recently released brand new, expanded Nationwide Loyalty Program and gave New chicken sandwich To help compete against its competitors.

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