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Build your own EV with Ford’s new electric crate engine – take a look at Geek.


This week, Ford unveiled a brand new electric crate motor for DIY enthusiasts who want to build their own EV Dream car or truck. To show off one of the many possibilities of this $ 3,900 EV engine, Ford launched a custom 1978 F-100 pickup that highlighted how capable its E-Crate engine could be. ۔

Forget Tesla. Build your own EV Dream car with Ford. The company rolled out the F-100’s original 302 cubic inch V8 engine and drivetrain and replaced it with a pair of Ford Eluminator e-crate motors that are now on sale to consumers. For those who are thinking, this is exactly the kind of electric engine that is currently in the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition SUV.

For the stunning custom truck shown here, Ford chose to use two motors, each rated at 281 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque, giving the classic F-100 480 horsepower and 634 lb. Combined production of -ft torque. Impressive and weighing only 220 pounds considering each electric motor, there are some serious changes to this truck.

Illuminator e-crate engines cost $ 3,900 each, but garage makers, DIY types, and those who want to make their own EVs will need some extra parts. The Illuminator eCrate still needs an inverter, battery cells, power controls, and more to keep it fully operational, which Ford isn’t selling right now. That said, the company has confirmed that it will soon add more EV parts and accessories to its Ford Performance catalog, offering consumers a wide range of options.

For the beautiful F-100 shown above, Ford threw in the same 88-kilowatt-hour battery system from its popular Mustang Mach-E to complete the project, and we’re assuming that parts like this will come soon. Will be available to buyers.

Basically, Ford Performance is now offering a fully electric “e-Crate” engine for those looking to customize an EV car, truck, or an old classic. Get yours from the link below.

Source: Ford