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Build a portfolio with Carrd.co.

I am often asked for recommendations for simple website builders that teachers and students can use to create smaller websites. Google Sites is fine, but aesthetics has a long way to go. Services like WordPress and Webley are great, but there are far more menus and options that are needed for a quick and simple site. Carrd.co is a new service that can meet the needs of easy-to-use tools to quickly create good looking, simple websites.

I tried Carrd.co this afternoon. In ten minutes I created a small photography portfolio site that looks much better than anything made from Google Sites or WordPress. Watch this short demo video on how you can build a portfolio site with Carrd.co.

Applications for education

Carrd.co can be a great little tool for high school or college students to use to create easy-to-use websites to share information about themselves and their work. They can create sites that are useful to keep and share when applying for internships, scholarships or jobs.

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