BT’s 888 phone service to protect housewives – how it works Violence against women and girls.

BT has developed an emergency phone service aimed at protecting women on the way home, which has been approved by Home Secretary Preeti Patel.

The phone service came after the murders of Sarah Award and Sabina Nisa.

How will it work?

Users will be able to download the mobile phone app and enter their home address and other locations they use regularly.

Before embarking on their journey, they will launch an app, which will give the estimated travel time and track them via the phone’s GPS system. Alternatively, they can call or text 888.

A message will be sent to them when they are predicted to arrive home. If they fail to respond, emergency contacts will be called and the police will be notified.

Where did the idea come from?

According to Philip Johnson, BT’s chief executive, he and his team came to terms with the system after the murders of Avarard and Nisa and filled it with “grief and anger.”

He told the Daily Mail: “The simple act of walking home is disturbing and endangering.”

BT 999 is responsible for operating the emergency phone number.

What is the reaction to this?

After contacting Johnson, Patel has supported the system. He told the Daily Mail: “This new phone line is just such an innovative scheme that it would be good to move forward as soon as possible. I am now looking at it with my team and liaising with BT.

Some campaigners have talked about the fact that instead of tackling the issue of violence against women and girls and less criminal punishment, it has avoided the issue of women.

The Women’s Trust, a charitable organization that provides mental health assistance to women victims of domestic violence, said: “Women’s liberties and rights should not be revoked to justify more violence and male violence. Funding an app to frustrate those who escape the criminal justice system is not the answer.

Police Federation spokesman Phil Mathews said it could create problems if it created more work for the police, but said it would not oppose anything that would increase public safety.

How much will the service cost and when can it start?

The project could cost about £ 50 million, according to PA Media. It can last until Christmas.

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