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(CBS) – Welcome to CW 4400 To the Monday night lineup starting October 25th at 9/8c. 4400 Stars Brittany Adebumola (as Shanice Murray) and Joseph David-Jones (as Jharrel Mateo) in the 2004 reboot of the series of the same name. In an instant, 4,400 people mysteriously lost no idea where they were or how they hadn’t aged a single day since their disappearance.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to Adebumola and David-Jones about their characters, the show as a whole and a good steal.

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MW- Brittany, Joseph, nice to see you both! 4400 Coming to The CW on Monday, October 25, and above all, how excited are you both to be on this show and to finally get close to the big premiere?

Bachelor’s- I mean, it’s a blessing. There are so many different and distinct characters on the show that I feel really fortunate to be a part of. Now to be able to watch it with everyone else, that would be great because we get these scripts and we read them of course but you’re laser-focused on your scenes so I’m going to watch it along with the rest of the world with new eyes.

JDJ- I want to see everyone else’s sights, I’m so excited. I watched this show with my family when I was a kid, so when they found out I got this, they were all proud and it made me proud. I’ve been crazy about this and feel very lucky to be a part of it.

MW- What are some of your favorite things about watching the show with your family, Joseph?

JDJ- It’s funny because we love the sci-fi elements, but I’m a fan of the extreme comic book and love the power side of this show. They still have that in this new series and we take it to another level with an essential layer of character and personality. It’s a beautiful companion to the original. We do it justice while we take out our world.

MW- It’s a double-edged sword when you’re reimagining a series like this because on the one hand you have source material to explode but you have to make it original too. How did the show go to balance these two aspects?

JDJ- It’s funny that we were just watching a video where someone was trying to deconstruct our series as it relates to the previous series. There are some strange elements in our series that are similar to the previous one but the main thing we do justice to is the sci-fi concept they created. I feel like we made that show of our own even though I didn’t really feel that much withdrawn from the previous series.

MW- I’d love to hear more about your characters, Brittany Who is Chance Murray?

Bachelor’s- So I play Shanice, a 26-year-old lawyer from Detroit. It’s very driven, and it’s not afraid to take up space. She is very open about fighting for what she believes is right and fighting for her community. She’s a working woman and we kind of see a balance between being a working woman while also nurturing this new life that she’s living.

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Firstly, she has a four-month-old daughter, and motherhood is not so easy. The sacrifice required is something we see grappling with in the pilot. Of course it disappears and reappears after 16 years, then her daughter turns 16 and her husband remarries; This is a mess. She is trying to solve this mess and reconnect with her family while also calling for the legal intelligence of 4,400 people to be used.

MW- And Yosef, who is Yaharel?

JDJ- He is a social worker of our time tasked with trying to uncover what happened to these 4,400 people while also trying to help them reintegrate into society. There is a very human connection to the 4400 that he has because his brother has disappeared.

His life collapsed when he was lost and there are similar elements to what happened in 4400 to what happened to him. I think that gives him great motivation to find out what’s going on with these people and how he can help.

MW- We’ll get a chance to meet both Shanice and Jharrel on Monday night as viewers. What do you want fans to know before Monday?

JDJ– I think they should watch because this show has something for everyone. It has a global dramatic character, it has an amazing sci-fi concept, it has love triangles, it has comedy. We even have a steal!

Bachelor’s- I was going to say there was a robbery [laughs]. There really is something for everyone that I feel people will really connect with. I think people will connect with these characters on the show. We put so much effort, love and work behind it that I know it will happen.

MW- You don’t hear the word steal very often these days, you’re just sold out! Thank you for the time and all the best moving forward.

Bachelor’s- takes care!

JDJ- thanks, man!

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4400 Premieres Monday night at 9/8c on The CW. Check your local listings for more information.


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