Britney Spears ‘on cloud nine’ after her father was removed from custody | Britney Spears

Britney Spears said she’s “on cloud nine now” after a Los Angeles judge She hung her estranged father From the guardianship that controlled her life for 13 years.

the singer She posted her comments on Instagram Along with clips of her learning to fly a plane.

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Judge Brenda Penny called Jimmy Spears’ involvement in the custody “toxic” and “indefensible” and ordered his removal from the arrangement.

The decision sparked a huge outpouring of support from fans and famous peers. “I am more than delighted with her,” Share Share.

Dion Warwick books: “That’s great news. She can breathe now. Congratulations Britney. Enjoy your life!”

Praised Bette Midler “Everyone who helped make it happen, especially Britney, who, after 13 years in the wild, never gave up until she was finally heard.”

Songwriter Vanessa Carlton She said She was “overjoyed to see that freedom and hope that justice will finally come to this wonderful lady.”

Spears’ friend, Sam Asgari, Share your congratulations on Instagram Stories. “She did this. Her fan base is called an army for a reason.”

Britney Spears fans celebrate after her father was suspended from custody - video...
Britney Spears fans celebrate after her father was suspended from custody – video…

After years of excitement before #FreeBritney The movement has brought renewed attention to the order that has dominated Spears’ life since her implosion in 2008, as it was revealed that the singer had long opposed her restrictions.

In June, she first addressed the court, calling the guardianship “abusive” and alleging that her father and others had rejected her desire to marry her long-term boyfriend and have a third child. “He loved being in control to hurt his daughter,” she said in her testimony.

Spears and my youngest have Since I got engaged.

a New New York Times Documentary Jamie Spears allegedly hired a security company that monitored his daughter’s phone and bedroom as well as fans who lobbied for the guardianship to end.

A November 12 hearing will discuss the complete termination of the guardianship, a decision that appears to have the support of both Spears and her watchdogs.

After Spears addressed the court in June, she was granted the right to appoint her own attorney, Matthew Rosengart, who insisted that Jimmy Spears’ impeachment was necessary to his client’s welfare.

At the hearing, Rosengart said it was the first step toward ending his client’s “Kafka Nightmare,” adding that she had “been abused by this man not only over the past decade, but since her childhood.”

Spears’ attorney, Vivian Touraine, contested his suspension and cast doubts about Spears’ previous testimony. “She was not questioned. No one knows the veracity of these statements.”

Touraine argued unsuccessfully that the guardianship should be terminated completely immediately so that the question of the suspension could be “disputed”.

Previously described by Rosengart Mr. Spears asked to solve the arrangement In early September in an effort to “avoid accountability and justice.”

Outside court, Spears’ attorney told fans and the media, “Jimmy Spears and others will face more serious repercussions for his misconduct.”

On Thursday morning, Turin distributed a statement on behalf of Spears, calling the outcome of Wednesday’s session “disappointing” and “a loss for Britney.”

“Respectfully, the court erred in suspending Mr. Spears, putting a stranger in his place to administer Britney’s estate, and extending the same custody period that Britney begged the court to end earlier this summer,” Turin said.

“It was Mr. Spears who initiated the petition to terminate guardianship when neither Britney’s former court-appointed lawyer nor her new private lawyer would do so. It was Mr. Spears who asked the court at yesterday’s hearing to terminate guardianship immediately while Britney’s lawyer argued against her.

“Despite the suspension, Mr. Spears will continue to look out for his daughter’s best interests and work in good faith for a positive resolution of all matters.”

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