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Britney Spears’ kids are all grown up! The teenage sons of the pop stars were all smiles when they appeared rarely on social media. Check out the pictures here!

Britney Spearschildren , Sean Preston Federlineand 16 and Jayden James FederlineThe 15-year-old, who has mostly kept a low profile, appeared on social media on Tuesday, October 5, wearing the biggest smiles while posing for some photos. The kids Britney shares with her ex-husband Kevin FederlineThe 43-year-old has grown up smiling for the camera with Kevin’s boyfriend, CEO of Movision Entertainment, Eddie Morales.

in photo collage, Sean and Jaden Smiling on either side of Eddie, he also flashes peace signs in another shot. Eddie tagged photos in Calabasas, California, and boys He looked great in California, with Jayden wearing a black hoodie and black baggy jeans and Sean wearing a black sweater over acid yellow jeans. Both teens wore their shaggy and loose hair that matched their skater-style outfits.

Eddie started his talk by saying, “In times of sadness when you know you have a #family it really feels worth living” Instagram Caption. “Talk about seeing my nephews when they were smaller at the time [sic] My hand is now looking at #life.”

Eddie also marked the boys’ father, KevinIn the post, he shared two more photos of him with Kevin and a few other men relaxing outside. He added, “I love you brother @federline4real…Now the world will see how great my dad was!” The CEO of Entertainment also posted a video of Jayden playing the famous piano Dr. Dre And Snoop Dogg The track, “Still DRE” where the 15-year-old showed off his amazing skills. Can he follow in his mother’s musical footsteps?

Britney Spears is enjoying her time with her two sons, Sean and Jaden Federline (

Although Britney has been in the spotlight since she was near the age of Sean and Jayden, she has chosen to keep their lives relatively private, only sharing photos of her sons. Here and there (And with their consent!). However, Jayden made headlines on March 3, 2020 when he made a live video on Instagram and Pour some tea About his mother’s personal life. The teenager revealed how much he hated his grandfather, Jimmy Spears, 68, who served as Britney’s life support assistant for 13 years. Perhaps he felt protective towards his mother who expressed it sincere indignation With her father and family for their role in control her life and real estate since 2009.

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