Britney Spears and Wissam Asgari enjoy sweets on a private plane: Video – Hollywood life

In the midst of her most promising legal battle, Britney Spears has shared an adorable new video with her fiancé Sam Asgari on a plane.

Britney Spears She lives her best life amid her most promising battle in the province. The pop star, 39, shared a video with her fiancé Sam Asghari From a private jet on Instagram on October 8. The couple indulged in some mini sweets while the singer meditated on God’s “little things.”

The “Strongest” singer raised “baby candy” and explained that it’s sweeter than cornbread. “God is in the little things,” she said, describing her little candy as “the smallest piece of food I’ve ever seen.” Her fiancé, 27, asked to taste the candy before they moved on to some chocolate.

Britney said they were “criminals” for indulging in merchandise too early in the morning. “I can’t believe we do this in the morning,” she said tenderly. “We are criminals!” The pop star commented on the post with an encrypted message: “Isn’t it funny what the truth can do????? Pssss though I have learned from the best about those beautiful white lies.”

The video comes after Britney scored a major victory during a hearing on September 29. judge She hung her estranged father Jimmy From her will, the appointment of a certified public accountant John Zabel In its place. Came after the star She begged for her father’s removal as a bouncer – a role he has held since it was first performed in 2008 – during previous summer court hearings.

Britney Spears, Wissam Asgari (Shutterstock)

A court date has been set for November 12 to explore the possibility of ending the guardianship for good. A source said in the wake of the victory Hollywood Live that The pop star was writing new music Amid her legal battles, confirming that Britney has not yet retired. The star has been on hiatus since the end of her Vegas residency in 2017.

“Despite what is being put out there, Britney is not retired. It’s actually quite the opposite,” the source told HL. “She’s been writing music for the past two years because it would be impossible for her not to. Music is her passion and it is in her blood.” The source added that “the top producers in the industry” reached out to: “Everyone is eager to work with her.”

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