British forces closed in the final stages of evacuation and processing facilities at Kabul airport

NSadd example en Wallace confirmed that another 1,000 people have been transferred from the Baron Hotel in Kabul and are “at the airport now”, as the UK’s evacuation program nears its end.

“They will be leaving soon,” the defense minister told Sky News.

“At about 4:30am UK time we closed the Baron Hotel, closed the processing center and closed the gate at Abbey Gate. We will be treating the people we brought with us – there are close to 1,000 at the airport now.

“We will continue to look for people in crowds where we can, but in general the main processing is closed and it has a matter of hours.”

In all, the UK has flown nearly 16,000 people from Afghanistan since April, and 14,000 people since mid-August, “one of the biggest airlifts of a generation,” Mr. Wallace said, praising the work of those on the ground. .

“It doesn’t dilute the general feeling about what we’re doing, leaving Afghanistan after 20 years and there will still be people in Afghanistan that we haven’t been able to get out of.”


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