Brian Laundry went camping with the parents after coming home without fiancé Gabe Pettito – CBS Tampa

Blue Point, New York (CBS New York) – There is new information in the search for Brian Laundry. We now know that his parents went on a camping trip with him days after he returned from a cross-country trip that ended in tragedy.

Laundry’s fiancée Gabi Pettito I was Found dead in Wyoming After a few weeks Brian returns to his parents’ house where they both lived. The police are still looking for Brian. but now Timeline in the case It grows more mysterious.

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The revelation that Laundry’s parents took a camping trip with him in early September raises new questions about his whereabouts. The Laundry family’s lawyer says the camp was 75 miles north of their home, and they stayed overnight. He says the three then left the park.

Laundry is now the subject of a national manhunt in connection with the case. But it was not seen, which formed a puzzle for the authorities that unfolded over the weeks.

Gabe Pettito’s Research: Road Trip Schedule with Fiancé Brian Laundry, Dates & Notable Events

On September 1, police said Bryan went home alone to his parents’ home, after a cross-country trip with his fiancée, Gabi Pettito. His parents say they camped with Brian from September 6-7.

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The Pettito family reported Gabe’s loss on 9/11.

On September 17, Laundry’s family said they had not seen Brian for three days.

On September 19, Gabe’s remains were found.

The Pettito family says they want its spirit to continue, with a new foundation they are forming. “She’s with us, she’s with us,” Gabi Pettito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, said:.

But they don’t have much confidence that the Laundry family will help in the national search for Brian. “The laundries didn’t help us find Gabe. They certainly wouldn’t help us find Brian,” said attorney Rick Stafford.

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over there Arrest warrant for Brian Laundry What do the authorities say? Unauthorized use of a debit card. He is still someone concerned about the disappearance of Gabe Pettito.


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