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Brian Laundry: Rancher says there is no ‘left’ swamp full of alligators where missing man said he was going

A farmer in Florida was helping authorities search for Crocodile-infested swamps Where Brian Laundry told his parents he was going for a walk last week, he says there’s little chance he survived there for two weeks.

Alan McEwen has spent 30 years exploring the 25,000-acre Carleton Preserve in Sarasota County, Florida, and says it contains many insidious threats to human life that make survival impossible.

“No one lives here,” said Mr. McQueen, “I don’t know how to say it.” Fox News.

Since Mr. Laundry, 23 years old, He told his parents that he was going for a walk In the reserve on September 14, the area experienced heavy rains that caused the trails to be flooded with deep water.

Alan McQueen knows the Carlton Reserve as much as anyone else, and says there’s little chance someone has been walking there for two weeks.

(Fox News)

“I’ve been in the woods my whole life…I’ve learned a lot in my life, and the only thing I know is that no one will survive there for two weeks on foot.” Mr. McQueen said.

“Unless he has a duck-like butt and can float, he wouldn’t be there.”

Mr. McEwen was helping with The 10-day hunt for Mr. Laundry in the reserveOn most days, he took his inflatable boat with search teams from the FBI and local police departments.

He says the ground is covered in a thick brush that makes it dangerous even for seasoned hikers to keep their feet.

Mr. Laundry has been described as a Skilled survival by friendsHe was probably familiar with the hundreds of miles of trails in the vast Carlton Preserve.

If Mr. Laundry had been able to survive the floods, he would still have to contend with the reserve’s dangerous wildlife, which includes 13-foot crocodiles, black bears, venomous snakes, and tigers.

Brian Laundry and Gabi Pettito

(Instagram / Brian Laundry)

“Anything dead you find in the woods, you will look for it, you will see the hawks circling like crazy,” McEwen told Fox.

“No hawks, nobody is my theory. And I haven’t seen any hawks fly.”

North Harbor police say heavy rains Sunday night have hampered search efforts in the reserve, and they plan to reduce searches on Monday with helicopters.

Mr. Laundry Wanted by the FBI for alleged bank fraud After his girlfriend, Gabe Pettito, was found dead in Wyoming last week.

a A memorial service for Mrs. Pettito, 22, was held in Holbrook, New York, on Sunday.

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