Brian Herbert on ‘Dawn’: ‘My Dad Can See into the Future’

Probably the most relevant layer, right now, is the environment.

Yes, Frank Herbert read it all. He once told me that he could not read a page of an encyclopedia without reading the opposite page. One thing he noticed was that there was something in history that he called hydraulic disposition. And that meant that the party – the group that controls water, say, Mesopotamia – would control the environment. So he started thinking about it and he started thinking about the limited resources, and he zeroed in on the water. So if water was your limited resource, well, let’s turn it all into a desert. He was thinking far ahead. Of Whole land catalog.Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. I mean, I went to school in Berkeley, so I don’t want to be offensive. But Whole land catalog. Fell in love Mound. He addressed the first Earth Day in Philadelphia in April 1970. “I don’t want to tell my grandchildren, ‘You have no more land. We’ve used it all.'” People are surprised to learn that he was a Republican. It was very complicated.

Did you know that your father was a big thing in your childhood?

I didn’t get along very well with my father until I was twenty years old. But I remember one day I was going to Carmel or Big Pig, and I was sitting in the back of that Volkswagen. These long haired kids picked me up, we just started talking, and they said, “Well, what does your dad do to make a living?” I said, “Well, he’s a journalist, he’s a reporter. San Francisco Inspector.. Oh, and he writes, he writes a little bit. So he said, “Well, what did he write?” I said, “Dragon in the sea. And Mound. And literally they pulled the car off the road and they looked at me and said.Mound?! I had no idea. I was 19 years old. I didn’t know it was a great book.

As a Bay Area individual, do you see that too? Mound ‘Impact on technology?

When I was growing up in the 1950s, we didn’t have television. [my father] Didn’t want to be around. So he expanded into science fiction, as we do. You What if … what if … what if And what if computers were running everything and they enslaved us and then we had to be free? He brought everything, of course first. Terminator And he was the forerunner of all these things, you know he could see the future like some of his characters.

Russian hackers who invaded Ukraine a few years ago made encoded references. Mound This is how they got the name Sandworm in their malware. Do you know about it

No, but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s so wide. I wish they didn’t use it. Mound Name these kinds of things, though.

Yes, creators lose control of their creations, right? Once your loved ones are out in the world with your ideas, you can’t always help them.


Have you ever thought MoundOf Effect on something like Burning Man.? They are both going to the desert to take drugs and find themselves.

We live in what my father called the “Light Switch Society.” He wanted to think about what would happen if you could not access all this technology. When he was a professor at the University of Washington, he taught a class called Utopia Dystopia. He wanted to take his students out into the woods and camp with them there and in fact spend them in the woods as he did as a child. He taught them how to live off the earth. You don’t bring things there. You will catch fish. You will find things you are going to eat, bugs from under the log. You’re going to eat red ants, you know, things like that. So Burning Man is the only thing we have to think about, what if we don’t have the things we understand.


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