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Brian Dabol trains again with a sad heart after his grandfather’s death

NASHVILLE (WIVB) – For the second time in three weeks, Bills offensive coordinator Brian Dabol has to train a match while mourning the loss of his grandfather after learning of the death of his grandfather Chris.

During Monday’s football broadcast, announcers said the trip from Buffalo to Nashville was when Daboll found out that his grandfather had died on Sunday at the age of 95. Then he had to prepare for the match against the Titans on Monday night.

It has been a very difficult month to say the least for Dabol and his family. As if losing his grandfather wasn’t hard enough, three weeks before his grandmother, Ruth is dead Before the third game of the week, the Bills vs Washington. The team assigned a 43-21 win to their offensive coordinator.

Ruth and Chris Kirsten have been married for 68 years and raised Daboll in their home in West Seneca.

instead of flowers Kris Kirsten obituary He says donations can be made to West Seneca West Football alumni where he worked as a groundskeeper.

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