Brian Austin Green left out of DWTS with Matt James – Hollywood Live recap

Disney Villains night ended with a heartbreaking double elimination. After their best performances yet, two celebrities were sent home on the October 12 episode of “DWTS.”

Tyra, who is dressed as the ferocious Maleficent, announces at the top of the show that he will be there Double Elimination at the end of Disney villains night. After no one was left out at Disney Heroes Night, Dancing with the stars I will say goodbye two Celebrities by the end of the night.

Jimmy Allen and Emma Slater at Disney Villains Night. (ABC)

Disney Villains Night Shows

Jimmy Allen And Emma Slater Dancing to a jazz routine inspired by Peter Pan to me Billie Eilish “Bad guy.” Lynn Goodman He says Lifts was a “good character” and admits he “surprised” Jimmy every week. Bruno Tonioli Cheers on his “badass jazz routine” which was his “strongest performance yet.” Jimmie has already earned 2 bonus points for the Mickey Dance Challenge too! Jamie and Emma scores: Carrie Ann = 9; lin = 8; Derek = 9; and Bruno = 9. Total score = 35 out of 40. Jimmy also confesses pregnant wife 2 cm wide!

Cody Rigsby And Cheryl Burke She is coming with the Vienna Waltz to “Gaston” from Beauty and the beast. Derek Hough He admits there were still “a few things” to work on, but it was “a great performance overall.” Bruno says Cody can really “work on stage”. Carrie Ann Inaba Lynn both enjoyed the performance. Cody and Cheryl scores: Carrie Ann = 8; lin = 7; Derek = 8; Bruno = 8. Total score = 33 out of 40.

Melanie C And Gleb Savchenko Bringing the intensity of the Viennese Waltz to “Once Upon a Time” from mischievous. Bruno told Melanie and Gleb that their routine was “extremely painful”. I loved her! Carrie Ann declares that this was “Melani’s best dance ever”. Melanie C and Gleb scores: Carrie Ann = 9; lin = 8; Derek = 9; and Bruno = 9. Total score = 35 out of 40.

jojo siwa And Jenna Johnson Stunning with Paso Doble to “Ways To Be Wicked” from grandchildren 2. Carrie Ann is well aware that JoJo is a “great performer”, but thought it was “a bit hectic”. She wants “more style” next time. Lynn and Derek disagree with Carrie Ann. They both noticed how controlled Jojo’s performance was. JoJo and Jenna’s scores: Carrie Ann = 8; lin = 9; Derek = 9; and Bruno = 9. Total score = 35 out of 40.

Kenya Mor And Brandon Armstrong Taking a Viennese Waltz to “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande. Their performance is inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. “The technology wasn’t great,” Lynn admits. Derek tells Kenya that she is absolutely fierce. He wants her to believe her a little more while dancing. Carrie Ann notes that Kenya’s feet came off the ground, but it was her “best dance” so far. Kenya and Brandon scores: Carrie Ann = 7; lin = 7; Derek = 8; Bruno = 8. Total score = 30 out of 40.

Iman Schumpert And Daniela Karagash The amazing Argentine Tango dance to the song “Arabian Nights” Aladdin. Crazy elevators! Derek says the opening and ending lifts were “creative!” Carrie Ann says she was “really amazed” by Iman. Lynn tells Iman that this is his best dance so far in his opinion. Iman and Daniela scores: Carrie Ann = 9; lin = 7; Derek = 9; Bruno = 8. Total score = 33 out of 40.

Melora Harden
Melora Hardin and Artem Chigvintsev got the first 10 of the season! (ABC)

Melora Harden And Artem Chigvintsev Dance to upbeat jazz to Mother Knows Best tangled. Turns out, that’s Melora’s voice! Carrie Ann cared about how “theatrical” Melora was, but thought it was “hair-safe”. Lynn totally disagrees. “It was wit, it had charm, and it was really fun,” says Lynn. Derek tells Melora that this was an “absolute storytelling clinic.” Melora and Artem scores: Carrie Ann = 9; len = 10; Derek = 9; and Bruno = 9. Total score = 37 out of 40. This is the first 10 of the season, from Lin not less!

Feature And Whitney Carson Treatment of Argentine Tango with “Be Prepared” from the 2019 edition of the king lion. “Men are burning tonight,” Carrie Ann admits. Lynn says he “wasn’t ready for it.” The performance was so good! Derek and Bruno pointed out some stumbles, but they like the amount of content in the routine. Miz and Whitney scores: Carrie Ann = 9; lin = 8; Derek = 9; Bruno = 8. Total score = 34 out of 40.

Brian Austin Green And Sharna Burgess El Paso Double Dance to “He’s a Pirate” Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Lynne tells Bryan that he loves the “aggression” he’s shown, but wants Brian to raise his diaphragm when he performs on the show. Derek says that Brian and Sharna are always “fun to watch.” Bruno wants to see “more firepower” from Brian. Brian and Sharna’s scores: Carrie Ann = 7; len = 6; Derek = 7; And Bruno = 7. Total score = 27 out of 40.

Matt James And Lindsey Arnold Bring the heat with their jungle book– Basso Doublet’s inspiration for “The Jungle” by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons. Derek thinks Matt did a “great job” but tells him not to take small steps across the hall. Bruno is concerned with Matt’s “strong” performance with “strength, intent, and content.” Now it’s time for Matt to improve it. Lynn thinks Matt can give him “much more”. Matt and Lindsey scores: Carrie Ann = 8; lin = 7; Derek = 8; Bruno = 8. Total score = 31 out of 40.

Good Olivia And Val Chmerkovsky performance Joyful jazz routine To “Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz)” from Coco. Bruno likes that Olivia “captured the spirit of the movie.” He also adds that Olivia “can act too.” Carrie Ann was also an “acting fan”. However, I felt it was a bit safe. Lynn, again, disagrees with Carrie Ann. Lynn cheered: “That was a delightful performance.” Derek declares Olivia a “natural actress”. Olivia and Val scores: Carrie Ann = 8; lin = 9; Derek = 9; and Bruno = 9. Total score = 35 out of 40.

Sony Lee And Sasha Farber . Wicked Viennese Waltz Dance hocus pocus to “I Put a Spell on You” by Annie Lennox. Carrie Ann is thrilled that Sony’s performance has finally matched her style. Lynn admits that Sony is “extremely outstanding” and wants to see more of her! Sonny and Sasha scores: Carrie Ann = 9; lin = 8; Derek = 9; and Bruno = 9. Total score = 35 out of 40.

The final performance of the night comes from Amanda Kloots And Alan Burst. They dance to the passionate basso dance to the song “Call Me Cruella” from Cruella. Lynn describes the show as a “beautiful interpretation”. Derek has been a little picky this week but says he’s been “an exceptional husband overall.” Bruno notes that there was “a slight error or else it would have been perfect”. Carrie Ann Cheers Amanda’s performance was “strong and witty”. Amanda and Alan scores: Carrie Ann = 9; lin = 9; Derek = 9; Bruno = 9. Total score = 36 out of 40.

Double Destructive Elimination

Now is the time for the painful double removal. The first 5 pairs to dance this week are Cody, Cheryl, Melora, Artem, Iman, Daniela, Miz, Whitney, Sonny and Sasha. Among the next four who are safe are Jimmy, Emma, ​​Amanda, Alan, Jojo, Gina, Olivia, and Val. Another definitely safe couple is Melanie C and Gleb.

The bottom 3 are Matt, Lindsey, Brian, Sharna, Kenya and Brandon. The first couple were left out… Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess. The judges have to choose between Matt and Lindsey, along with Kenya and Brandon. Bruno chose to save Matt and Lindsey. Derek chooses Kenya and Brandon. Carrie Ann saves Matt and Lindsey. It is now restricted. Lynn has to make the final decision. Save Kenya and Brandon! this means Matt James and Lindsey Arnold It has been eliminated! Kenya gets to her knees and starts crying that she’s going to dance another week!

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