HomeBoth Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder weigh in on the heaviest of their careers | boxing

Both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder weigh in on the heaviest of their careers | boxing

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder They faced off one last time before their third heavyweight championship encounter in 34 months when they reunited at Overweight on Friday afternoon at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Wilder, who initially appeared in a black tracksuit before putting on his shorts, was first on the scale and came in at 238 pounds. Fury, who entered the Undertaker’s black hat in a black sleeveless shirt, jumped the scales to 277 pounds, also the heaviest weightlifter of his career.

Before Fury got off the scale, both fighters were pointing and barking at each other from a distance of several minutes before meeting briefly for a traditional stare that was quickly aborted as anger flared up on both sides.

Extra weights before heavyweight fights are almost entirely ceremonial affairs because it’s the only weight class in which fighters don’t stick to the pound limit. But Friday’s actions were of particular interest given how each man’s weight affected his performance in their previous two meetings.

“He just put on weight, and I wanted to look sexy and feel sexy,” Wilder said. “I taste sexy too. I bench press a little more than 350, so there wouldn’t be a rush to put his weight on me and things like that.”

Deontay Wilder stands on the scale at the scale.
Deontay Wilder stands on the scale at the scale. Photo: Albelo/Getty Images

for them First meeting in December 2018, which ended in a separate tie, Wilder came in at 212 pounds, or 44 pounds less than Fury’s 256 pounds. for the return matchWilder came in at a functional high of 231 pounds and Fury turned the scales at 273 pounds, claiming he ate six meals and drank eight liters of water a day in search of a size advantage against the lighter American. This tactic paid off as Fury spent most of the night advancing and physically controlling around Wilder, who seemed slower than in their first fight as if he was hacked by the extra weight.

The 39-pound weight difference between the pair in Saturday night’s main event — which makes only the fifth triplex between heavyweight champions in boxing history after Patterson Johansson, Ali Frazier, Ali Norton and Beau Holyfield — will be the smallest of their three fights.

Fury cut the kind of pro wrestling promotion that wouldn’t feel out of place at WrestleMania when asked to comment on the weights: “That means total elimination of the file! Complete annihilation, that’s what it means to me.”

When asked if he thinks Wilder’s new coach Malik Scott will make a difference in the fight at the T-Mobile Arena, Fury was on the topic.

“Nothing,” said the hero with his throat. “It’s one of those shelters that teaches another killer how to fight. They’re both a bunch of losers and they’re both not worth a hot dog.

“He couldn’t teach him anything. The man couldn’t fight himself, he was filthy. So when you have a little house teaching another house how to fight, you’re in a real bunch of cowards.”