Boston’s startup market is more than just a record starting this year – Tech Crunch.

Say goodbye to Valuation Discounts and Series A Gap, Northeast Startups.

Global start. The community is currently enjoying an era of fundraising success that is unprecedented in the history of technology and venture capital. While this is happening around the world, some startups around the world are increasing their ability to attract capital compared to Boston.

The well-known American city is a traditional venture capital hub, but in recent years it seems to have overtaken its domestic rivals Silicon Valley and New York City. However, the data show that Boston’s startup activity in terms of fundraising has reached a new, higher level among the city’s advanced technology companies this year.

And, according to local investors, there may be room for further acceleration in the repayment of capital.

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The Exchange wanted to better understand the consequences of the Boston fires, and to find out if there was a special need for caution or concern. Is the market hotter? According to local investors. Rob Go From the next view, Jamie Goldstein. From column VC, Lily Lemon Under-score, and Sanjeev Cleaver With OpenView, things may be hotter, but Boston’s high-speed venture capital in 2021 isn’t based on total FOMO or other potentially temporary trends.

Instead, Boston is at least benefiting from major structural changes in the U.S. venture capital market, helping its start-up funding close the historic gap in the market and gaining access to funds that previously Had left the region. And the density of the local university is not harming the cause of the city, either, increasing the ability to create new companies in the midst of full access to investment.

Let’s talk about the data, and then hear from the investing staff about what’s happening in Benetown alone.

A record year in making.

When talking about venture capital figures, we often notice that it is somewhat backward, with rounds being announced long after they close. In practice, this means that recent data can help you understand how a particular quarter has performed. So far with Boston’s 2021, all we can say is that it would be the most incredible if the data included general venture capital leagues.

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