Boris Johnson news – live: Latest Brexit update as EU rejects NI protocol change request

Boris Johnson jokes about some of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children at the Conservative Party conference

The European Union Commission The Vice-President of Ireland confirmed that it is not open to amending the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Boris Johnson’s government continues to blame this part of the Withdrawal Agreement for trade friction between Great Britain and the Territory.

“We will not renegotiate the protocol as requested by the UK,” Maros Sefcovic said at a virtual event on Thursday.

Elsewhere, the prime minister’s speech at the conference about his vision of a “high-wage economic recovery” was denounced as “economic illiterate” by a leading think-tank.

Amid a severe staff shortage widely blamed for Brexit, Johnson berated companies for accessing “the same old lever of uncontrolled immigration” and suggested that British workers should be prioritized instead.

After speaking to Conservative Party delegates at the party conference in Manchester on Wednesday, Free Market Adam Smith Institute He criticized his words as “empty and economically illiterate”.

The organization added that it was “reprehensible” that it was suggested to asylum seekers to make the country poorer. “The dog whistle shows that this government doesn’t care about evidence-based policies,” she said.


Companies raise prices

Companies are increasingly passing the steep costs on to consumers as the supply chain crisis wreaks havoc across the economy, with official figures revealing that one in 10 companies has raised prices.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said its latest business survey showed that nearly a third of businesses experienced a higher-than-normal increase in the cost of materials, goods and services – and construction, services and manufacturing firms were the hardest hit.

As companies struggle against rising costs for everything from energy to employee wages, they are resorting to higher prices for consumers to beat inflation pressures.

The latest ONS survey showed that 10% of businesses reported an increase in prices for goods and services in early September – up from 8% in mid-August and 4% in late December.

Of these, nearly a quarter (23%) were retailers across the wholesale and consumer-facing sectors and 25% were in the manufacturing industry.

Boris Johnson said this week that inflation fears are “unfounded”.

Jane DaltonOctober 7, 2021 13:02


EU proposals for Northern Ireland ‘too far-reaching’

European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic said new proposals on the EU’s proposed Northern Ireland Protocol would focus on animal testing, customs, drug supplies and providing a voice for Northern Ireland’s representatives in the EU.

“It’s a very simple proposal,” he said, “but from our point of view, these would really be, I would say, very far-reaching proposals.”

“I sincerely hope that our UK counterparts view it as such and engage constructively in our discussion, because I believe we have to move from tough political rhetoric, from threats we hear all the time, to business that actually solves problems.”

He added: “We want Northern Ireland to benefit from access to the world’s largest trading bloc. We want to make sure there are no hard boundaries.

“Protocol is not the problem. On the contrary, it is the only solution we have.

“Failure to implement it will not make problems go away, but simply remove the tools to solve them.”

Jane DaltonOctober 7, 2021 12:51


Supreme Court ruling ‘Deal deals for SNP indyref2 plans’

Nicola Sturgeon’s goal of holding a second referendum on Scottish independence without Westminster’s consent has been dealt a blow by the Supreme Court ruling that Holyrood overstepped its powers by trying to introduce two new bills that did not comply with UK law, according to union legal experts. Matt Mathers reports:

Jane DaltonOctober 7, 2021 12:32


Brexit optimists say PM’s plan to raise wages is ‘for the birds’

A panel of experts examined the Prime Minister’s boast of the benefits of leaving the EU at an event independent. Jon Rantoul talks about their analysis of his claims and the reasons for the labor shortage and high gas prices:

Jane DaltonOctober 7, 2021 12:24


Foster officially leaves Stormont Assembly

Arlene Foster, the former First Minister of Northern Ireland, has officially left Stormont Council.

The last DUP leader had served as the MLA for 18 years, before being replaced by Deborah Erskine as representative for Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

Since leaving politics earlier this year, Foster has begun contributing to the media, including GB . news.

Rory SullivanOctober 7, 2021 12:05


A recent YouGov poll showed that the Conservatives’ approval rating has not declined despite ongoing problems such as the fuel crisis.

The Conservative and Labor polls remained unchanged from last week, with 39 per cent of people saying they would vote for the former and 31 per cent for the latter.

Rory SullivanOctober 7, 2021 11:50


‘Upgrading’ will take a decade, ministers say

A government minister said the government’s promise to “upgrade” the country will take 10 years.

Talking to independent, they said, “It will take 10 years and there will be some pain along the way, especially in the first part.

“A lot of it depends on creating infrastructure – roads, railways, etc. – and it takes time and time to complete for people to feel useful.”

Here is our political editor Andrew Woodcock:

Rory SullivanOctober 7, 2021 11:30


The PM’s jokes are ‘running out’, says Starmer

Labor leader Keir Starmer criticized Boris Johnson’s speech at the conference yesterday, saying his jokes were “running out”.

Talking to ITV’s Robert Beeston, Mr Starmer said the public would judge the prime minister harshly for the cost-of-living crisis.

“I think the cost-of-living crisis is going to develop over time during the winter months, and it’s going to hit millions of families really hard,” he said.

“And I think you know the showman, the jokes are all very good, but they’re going to weaken when people get hit in their wallet and they’re going to get hit really hard in their wallet.”

The Opinium poll showed that 63 per cent of respondents supported the policies mentioned by Mr. Starmer in his party’s convention speech, while only 51 per cent approved of Johnson’s message.

my colleague Adam Forrest He has this report:

Rory SullivanOctober 7, 2021 11:10


IFS warns council tax could jump 5 per cent

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) warned that council tax bills could jump as much as 5 per cent to pay for welfare reforms and other government policies.

The think tank said a minimal increase of 3.6 percent was necessary over the next three years to keep services running.

“The government has ramped up billions of dollars in additional funding for councils to support them over the past 18 months, and is likely to find billions more for councils over the next two years,” said Kate Ogden, an economist at IFS. “If they want to avoid cutting services, even if they increase council tax by 4 percent per year or more.

“The next fiscal year is likely to be particularly challenging, with the potential for at least some ongoing pressures related to Covid-19, and a particularly tight public spending envelope,” she added.

Rory SullivanOctober 7, 2021 10:53


Sefkovic says the EU will ‘not renegotiate’ the NI . protocol

The EU Commission will soon publish proposed compromises to ease trade difficulties between Britain and Northern Ireland – but it has rejected the UK’s request to renegotiate the protocol.

“We will not renegotiate the protocol as requested by the United Kingdom,” Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic said at a virtual event on Thursday.

Boris Johnson’s government has threatened to use Article 16 to suspend the protocol if the EU refuses to significantly renegotiate the agreed deal.

“A lot has been said by UK politicians about invoking Article 16. I don’t think this has been helpful…it doesn’t help us find solutions.”

Sefcovic said EU proposals to ease trade barriers would be published by “mid next week” – expecting talks with Brexit Secretary Lord Frost and his team to continue throughout October.

“We do not consider them accepting or leaving proposals,” he said. But the EU president admitted that if the UK government rejects these proposals, “we have a problem”.

Adam Forrest October 7, 2021 10:35

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