Boris Johnson: MPs who break the rules ‘must be punished’ – British politics live | Policy

We now have four corporate surveys where all the fieldwork was done after this story first surfaced at this time last week, and in each case the company also polled the previous week.

Three of these four surveys show support for conservatives by three points. The other indicates it is down by two, and three of the four polls indicate that the Labor Party is up a bit.

Of course, any one of those individual surveys, I’d tell you right away, if that’s all the evidence you have, it could just be a random variation of the surveys.

But when we have four polls, all of which show roughly the same movement in the same direction, it’s very hard to avoid the conclusion that this really, for the time being at least, has cost the Conservatives some support.

And because support for the Conservatives has declined in recent weeks anyway, partly due to various shortcomings, and partly due to the negative reaction to the government’s tax increases, that means that opinion polls now indicate that Conservative leadership is no more than a point or so. That, which now puts them almost as vulnerable as they have been for the past 12 months or so.


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