Boris Johnson gives the new government a half-time talk

NSEckel will lead Goff through planning reforms in his new, turbo-charged role, after his predecessor was forced into mitigation proposals.

The new housing secretary – whose job title is expected to be strengthened to reflect the union and upgraded to his notes – will review legislation to ensure that the planning reforms meet the commitment made in the Tory manifesto in 2019.

Robert Jenrick, who lost his ministerial job this week, was due to introduce legislation next week that would drop key proposals, following a backlash from Conservative MPs and southern voters. One source said telegraph This was “what he did to him”.

George Eustice, the environment minister, told Sky News that Mr Gove has “tremendous intelligence, is very good at solving problems and very good at dealing with details quickly” and noted that planning would be a priority.

“We want to make sure that we build housing that is aesthetically pleasing and not the same things we are used to,” he added. “So he’s going to push these reforms forward. He also keeps the acronym for the broader UK, that’s his passion.”

The Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government is expected to be renamed to clarify the breadth of responsibilities. Neil O’Brien, a former planning rebel and former Compromise czar, was appointed yesterday as a minister in the same department.


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