Bookmakers say Donald Trump is the favourite in the 2024 election

Two of the main odds makers have a new candidate to win the 2024 presidential election – former President Donald Trump.

according to An account in Newsweek, BetOnline and Betfred have both installed the Republican as a betting option for the President Biden, albeit only slightly.

Panama-based BetOnline now offers 11-4 odds on Mr Trump winning (meaning a $4 winning bet will earn you $11, plus your money back), compared to 13-4 in Biden win over.

Vice President Kamala Harris is the third candidate with a 5-1 margin, followed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis 10-1.

On the heels of his defeat in 2020 by Mr. BidenIn BetOnline’s hands, the odds for Trump’s successful comeback were 33-1.

but how mr. BidenTrump’s tenure has unfolded, and Mr. Trump’s apparent willingness to try to become only the second US president to serve non-consecutive terms has changed things in the eyes of forecast-makers.

BidenApproval rate is dropping, and it seems less likely than ever to happen he is You will be able to get it for him Agenda through Congress,” BetOnline policy controversy maker Paul Krishnamurti, told Newsweek. “A midterm defeat (70% likely) will further tie his hands and likely be very uncomfortable two years into 2022. Hard to see His brand is strong the second time around. Running again, 81, may not make sense.”

Betfred’s odds are a little longer, but for the first time, Mr. Trump is now his favourite.

The UK-based odds maker is offering 4-1 odds on Trump winning in 2024, a little shorter than Mr.’s 9-2 rate. Biden.

“This is the first time that Trump has been the favorite for a surprise comeback,” spokesman Peter Spencer told NEWSWEEK. “Biden She faces major challenges after pledging to unite America.”

However, some bookmakers still offer shorter odds to Mr. Biden, although the difference is slight in each case.

For example, according to the British magazine Newsweek, the British company Ladbrokes has Mr. Biden Candidate 7-2, with odds for Mr. Trump at 4-1. Britain’s Betfair website also has Mr. Trump at 4-1, behind Mr. Biden in 10-3.

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