Booker T: CM Punk “Stroke Out” With AEW Premiere

Booker T criticized CM Punk’s first AEW promotion and five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion claimed Punk “walked out”.

Punk’s comeback was praised, particularly his promotion, and The Straight Edge Superstar referred to Brett Baker, Ring Of Honor and his upcoming match against Darby Allin during a 15-minute clip. Punk did not briefly mention his departure from WWE, saying that he would not recover by staying in the same place that got him sick in the first place.

Talking about Punk’s promo on Hall of Fame PodcastBooker T said Punk’s show was “just a complete mistake,” because he mentioned WWE in the first place.

“CM Punk is back and he had a full 10 TV minutes to get out there and make his point regarding the return of CM Punk. He had the perfect audience to be able to get out there and really, I’m talking about getting celebrated at that United Center. But CM Punk is back. And he took his moment and chose to talk about WWE,” Booker T said.

“That’s right, there was a complete error as far as I’m concerned [he] cross off. I can only imagine if The Rock had the same 21,000 in Miami, Florida. The Rock was going to talk about every landmark in Miami and everyone in Miami frequented him… He was going to impress those fans with excitement but CM Punk chose to talk about WWE and 9 Minutes came back very slowly when that could have happened. It was a party going on at the United Centre.

“I’m saying from a perspective to where I’m going to go back and thinking about the other side, this is just a place I’m not even going to. Plus you talk about how the moment began to rise and after the music stopped, the height started to fall. And it’s not coming back. That’s a moment for me You? I see, I get it, but my point is the moment, once the bell rings after the music stops as far as I’m concerned and I don’t think CM Punk presented the way he could get as far as the promo goes because I didn’t feel like the promo.”

“I felt like a guy talking about WWE and when you talk about the other side, the only thing you do is give these guys time on the air. Of course, I know the AEW fans are going to eat that but for me as a professional, that’s the last thing I’ll think about is the other side. I’ll think here and now. Like I said, I could be wrong but I think he missed a moment in front of him from his hometown [with] More than 20,000 people.

After responding in the Hall Of Fame chat room, Booker T said his association with WWE did not affect his opinion.

“For me, it was the same promo that was done in WWE. It was about WWE. It didn’t make any sense to him as much as I’m going to create it, who am I going to blow, how am I going to do AEW through – being a nice guy and throwing horrible pieces of ice cream, who cares? So?” Booker T added.

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