Bomb squad heading towards the city center cordoning off 100 meters – suspicious expulsion fears | United Kingdom | News

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Bomb squad heading towards the city center cordoning off 100 meters – suspicious expulsion fears | United Kingdom | News

Officers cordoned off part of the city market after Alarm lifted. a Tesco The store close to where the object was discovered has been closed, and stores in the area have closed their doors as a precaution. Farham Police said officers specializing in the safe disposal of explosives were assisting in the operation.

The force wrote on Twitter: “We are currently dealing with a police incident in West Street Farham.

“Police are building a 100-metre cordon of Poundland on West Street and are advising people to stay away from the area at this time.”

They added: “This is a joint emergency service response, including an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team, following the discovery of a suspicious package.

“The hoop is still in place at this time and this will have an impact on transport lines including buses.

“The Farham Shopping Center has also been closed as a precaution, as public safety is of paramount importance.”

Bomb disposal officers are using an X-ray machine to examine the suspicious device, according to reports.

Some reports said a unit of the Royal Navy’s bomb disposal team responded to the incident.

Fareham is located less than nine miles west of HM Naval Base in the coastal town.

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Hundreds of shoppers were evacuated from West Street and the city’s shopping center at lunchtime. contact stores in the area for more information.

First Bus Portsmouth has announced changes to its routes due to the closure of the Fareham bus station.

They said: ‘Due to the closure of the Fareham bus station due to an ongoing accident, all changeovers will take place on the A32, Fareham, before the Market Quay roundabout.

Some people have taken to social media to express their concern about the incident.

A man said: disturbing news came from Farham this afternoon.

Thoughts with Fareham Police, JSEODOC, and all respondents.

He was referring to the Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service, which includes both military and civilian bomb disposal experts.

Another stunned resident said he was “shocked”.

“I hope the bomb disposal team will sort it out so everyone can continue shopping safely,” he added.

Farham is a beautiful city.

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