Boiling water was ordered for four communal towns after the discovery of E. coli

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Make sure to use bottled or boiled water for everything – even brushing your teeth!

Four cities on the southern coast of Massachusetts undergo a boiling water arrangement after the discovery of E. coli in the water source.

The Matapoiset River Valley Water District sent the order on Wednesday, saying it had been notified of positive results for E. coli in routine samples collected Tuesday, WCVB reported. The order of boiling water affects Mattapoisett, Fairhaven, Rochester and Marion.

Depending on the order, any ice, beverages, formula and undercooked food that were prepared with water on or before Tuesday should be discarded, according to the WCVB. The county has begun chlorinating the water temporarily and will flush the system over the next few days. More samples will be collected Thursday, and residents will be informed when tests show no E. coli.

Meanwhile, food establishments should boil water for five minutes, and any large amounts of water should boil for five minutes. Small sizes can be boiled for at least a minute.

Because Escherichia coli can cause disease – Including severe stomach cramps and digestive upset – And cause more serious infections in people with weakened immunity, residents should take care to consume only boiled or bottled water.

for example, According to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental ProtectionUse only boiled or bottled water to:

  • drinking
  • food preparation
  • Mixing baby formula
  • making ice
  • washing food
  • Wash, rinse and sterilize hand tools and equipment
  • Cleaning teeth

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