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“Bobby Dynamite”: Facts You Might Not Know About the Astros Train Man

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) – You might know the Astros train operator is “Bobby Dynamite,” but here are facts you might not know about the man behind the throttle.

How did he get the nickname “Bobby Dynamite?”

First, his name is Bobby Vasquez. So where did the nickname “Bobby Dynamite” come from?

“Bobby Dynamite came from a skit we used to do in the 2004 season where I was going to dance from the end of Napoleon Dynamite,” Vasquez explained. “The name kind of stuck after that.”

Bobby Dynamite has been on the train since 2001
Dynamite has served as a conductor for 20 seasons. During that time, he did not miss a lot of work.

“I only missed 13 games,” Vazquez said. “I haven’t missed a game since 2003.”

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Vasquez is eligible to operate the train within Minute Maid Park, but don’t expect him to drive your own Amtrak if you take one.

“License?” said Vazquez, “I hope this isn’t a requirement here, or else I’m in trouble. Risk management – “We have to talk.”

How does the train work?
As for the train itself, it may look like a real train, but it’s not coal or steam powered.

“It’s just a giant electric train,” Vasquez explained. “That’s it. It runs on the electrical system we have here and it goes back and forth when the Astros hit home and when we win.”

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Wait, Bobby Dynamite is afraid of what?
Finally, yes, it is true. Although Vazquez thinks he has the best job ever, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other ideas.

“Very afraid of heights,” Vasquez said. “It’s 65 feet of tracks to the ground. I’m not a fan. Let’s leave it at that, but I can watch a baseball game when I get up there, so it’s kind of a give and take.”

It was definitely more than giving.

Last season, he was the only fan allowed inside the stadium to watch the Astros. This year, it will see the third World Championships in five years of the best spectacle in baseball.

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