Bob Iniart: Anti-Coronavirus American radio host dies of Covid-19

A self-proclaimed “right-wing religious fanatic” radio host from Colorado Died of complications COVID-19, according to reports.

Bob Iniart, 62, was a pastor at the Denver Bible Church and a radio talk show host. Bob Anyart Live. During the pandemic, he became known for his staunch anti-vaccination Attitude.

In his program, Enyart called for a vaccine boycott “to increase social tension and pressure on child killers.”

His anti-vaccine views were shared on his website, which read: “Bob and Cheryl Enyart swore to take the Pfizer, Modern, and Johnson vaccines because, as these companies admit, they tested these three products on the cells of aborted children.”

Enyart has been a spokesperson for the Right to Live American group, which describes itself as the “abolitionist wing of the pro-life movement,” for 28 years.

This claim is believed to stem from the use of cell lines that arose from an aborted fetus in the 1970s. According to medical professionals, the connection to the original cells is remote. It’s a common practice in many medical procedures, such as vaccinations and cancer treatment.

In December 2020, the Vatican, who is also pro-life, said that taking Covid vaccines was “morally acceptable“.

His wife, Cheryl Enyart, has also contracted Covid, but no update has been given about her condition. News of their diagnosis surfaced in August after their son, Dominique Iniart, posted it online.

In addition to espousing anti-vaccination views, Enyart also said that “Covid mitigation efforts look worse than disease” in his May 2020 program.

In October 2020, Enyart, through his church, sued the state over the Covid rules, which prompted the US District Court to allow a temporary restraining order on the wearing of masks in religious services, among other social distancing rules, such as restrictions on gatherings. .

At the time of the ruling, he said, “We were very thankful that the Federal Court would recognize our God-given right for us to worship Him, our Creator, without government interference.”

Vaccines weren’t the first topic of controversy. In the 1990s, friends and families of people who died of AIDS campaigned for his TV show Bob Anyart Live, which later became a radio show, was to be discontinued after referring to the victims of the disease as “a lot”.

In addition, Enyart was reciting their obituaries during the Queen’s obituary Someone else fought the sand played in the background. The band’s singer, Freddie Mercury, died of complications from AIDS.

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