Blue Origin takes its first passengers into space

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Blue Origin takes its first passengers into space

If you look at Branson’s spacecraft, he is actually building a transportation system that is very similar to a commercial airline. The logo says, you will leave at an airport and you are about to land at the airport.

The logo says Bezos has asked most aerospace engineers to put traditional support on the crew’s spacecraft. The entire launch and rental of Blue Origin took 10 minutes. The crew launched from inside the capsule attached to the rocket’s nose, which detached from the spacecraft and returned to the ground. When the crew continued into space, it reached a height of 351,210 feet before falling to the ground and then parachuted. Posted by Earth.

Experts say that regardless of their differences, the two flights represent important milestones in the future of space lighting.

“These vehicles are repeating the same journey as the early aircraft carriers,” said Elaine Petro, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell.

Petro says that in addition to bringing humans closer to orbit, both the Virgin Galactic and the Blue Origin could rapidly develop new routes for cross-continental travel, as both vehicles could reach four to five times the speed of a regular plane. Are

Petro has been encouraged by the pace of development of the industry. “Ten years ago, the Obama administration was pushing for the expansion of the commercial launch vehicle industry. In the past week, crews have flown on two public space travel platforms, and to carry astronauts to the moon on SpaceX. An agreement has been reached, “she says.

And what’s next for Blue Origin? Although commercial space tourism is just beginning, Bezos hopes that launching more flights will reduce costs so that in the next few decades everyone will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of life above Earth.


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