Block Renovation raises $50 million for home renovation programs to plan, design, and build

Cluster renewal and business expansion program

Tech Startup Block Renovation works by dividing home renovation into four main divisions: planning, design, construction, and management. The company has created tools for every step of the renovation that cater to both novice homeowners looking to start remodeling parts of their homes and experienced contractors who want a digital workspace for their projects.

In the planning department, the tech startup has developed a range of options to help estimate pricing, scale the project according to room size, and give an approximate timeline of how long the renovations will take. For the design phase, the company provides a large library of patterns, materials, and hardware to help contractors and homeowners create virtual room models. Block Renovation also scales the design to fit the project budget.

A tech startup offers options for homeowners who don’t yet work with a contractor. Once the project is planned and designed, the home owner can select a contractor from Block Renovation’s extensive business network. Using a matching algorithm, the company ensures that contractors are designed to fit the project perfectly.

Using the project management software created by the startup, a contractor or homeowner can monitor progress and track all parts of a renovation project right from their online dashboard.

The company began using its program to support the renovation of local bathrooms in the New York area. Since then, Block Renovation has expanded its business to support kitchen renovations as well. The startup now offers its services in New York and California.

Cluster renewal financing round and growth plans

In its Series C funding round, Block Renovation raised 50 million dollars in the capital. The funding round was led by Softbank Vision Fund 2 with participation from Giant Ventures, NEA, Morningside, Lerer Hippeau, Obuate Ventures, Rainfall Ventures, First minute Capital, BoxGroup and SV Angel.

Block Renovation plans to use the new funding to rapidly expand its business by hiring new employees and expanding its network of contractors. Funds will also be used to build new business partnerships and improve existing software offerings and user experience.

Commenting on the latest funding round, he co-founded Block Renovation Koda Wang | He said, “Home renovation nightmares should not be an industrial norm. Performing a renovation is often one of the most risky, highest risk, and most costly experiences in a homeowner’s life. Homeowners have historically lacked tools and trusted partners to accomplish it in a systematic and predictable manner. Likewise. Contractors often feel bewildered and frustrated – with all the administrative work that comes with running their business, lack of easy tools to communicate and collaborate with homeowners, and having to start from square one with every new renovation. We build a product that makes it more predictable and data and effectiveness for all parties.”

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