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Black student files $150 million racial discrimination lawsuit against Bloomfield Hills School

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A black student at Bloomfield Hills High School filed a federal lawsuit Thursday, accusing the department of everything but ignoring racial discrimination.

The $150 million lawsuit brought by an anonymous 15-year-old in US District Court comes a week later The students left the school Following a series of racist incidents, including “Kill All” [n-word]!!]and ‘every [N-word] He must die!! Scribble on the walls at school.

The lawsuit states that “as students of color, plaintiffs and their parents were subjected to racist, unfair, painful and sometimes dangerous interactions at the BHHS at the hands of both white staff and students.” “Despite notifying students and parents of racial discrimination and related grievances, Defendant has failed and continues to fail to take reasonably calculated steps to stop discrimination and ensure the safety of the Plaintiff.”

The lawsuit also alleged differentiated student discipline, with white teens getting “second chances when engaging in inappropriate behavior – even racist and bullying -“, while black students receive harsher penalties such as suspension or expulsion.

According to the lawsuit, the student says the school has repeatedly downplayed the significance of racist incidents. She told a white advisor that a black doll with red lips was hanging from the noose on the second floor of the school, and the advisor rejected it as a science project for a white teacher. A white student later dragged the doll down the hall in front of the black students.

One teacher also belittled a white student by using the word “nigga,” saying it was “nothing but black humor,” according to the lawsuit. The student said she regularly hears white students use the n-word and she complained about it, yet no action was ever taken.

According to the lawsuit, threats against black students are common on social media, and little is being done to counter them.

The lawsuit asks the judge to conduct “a prompt, thorough and complete investigation to determine the source of any and all racist threats and statements,” as well as sensitivity training for students, teachers, staff and administrators.

The suit alleges violations of the Fourteenth Amendment and the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act.

The lawsuit was filed against Bloomfield Hills School Superintendent Patrick Watson and High School Principal Charlie Hollerith.

Metro Times Neither Watson nor Hollerith could be reached for comment.

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