Black Friday Dell: The Best Starter 3D Printer Today for Only 40 340


Easy to configure.

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Black Friday is always the best time to get a great 3D printing deal, but these are often low-end printers that are discounted. This is fine, but it does mean that your first experience of 3D printing can be frustrating. Anycubic Vyper has many advanced features not found in low-end printers that make it a great choice for your first machine. With auto-bed leveling and a live-adjustable Z-axis, you can take the wiper out of the box, put it together, and instantly start printing good-looking prints.

I’ve been using Wiper to help print toys for Toy Drive, and it’s been running continuously for the last 21 days. At no point has it failed. In fact, the Fleming Runout sensor prevented me from losing prints when the Flement needed to be replaced. It has been a complete workhorse.

Viper is one of the many CN Cubic sales of this Black Friday, and while many of them are good machines, none of them offer the immediate satisfaction that Viper offers. Getting your printer out of the box and printing on it right away will give you a lifetime of frustration, as it did with me.

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