Black Friday 2021: The pre-pandemic trend of Thanksgiving store openings is over

WALNUT CREEK, CA (KGO) – Holiday music was blaring and festive at Walnut Creek Broadway Plaza, but no one played, as the controversial trend of shops open on Thanksgiving Day seemed to be over.

“I kind of like it,” Hadi Rasmanci said as he and his family rode their bikes in the mostly deserted square. “It’s not about shopping, Thanksgiving. It’s about family, getting together and just partying.”

It may have accelerated with the massive shift to online shopping during the pandemic, as national retailers like Macy’s and Old Navy halted what was crawling Black Friday into Thanksgiving Day.

Target says it will keep stores closed On Thanksgiving Day Forever.

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Most stores go back to what used to be a traditional, 5 a.m. start Friday.

One exception is Game Stop in Pleasant Hill, where about 12 people lined up in anticipation of the 5 p.m. opening Thursday.

“I’m here for the PS5,” said Cashmere Thomas, who said Black Friday shopping is an annual ritual for her. “Because the prices are a little more doable and there aren’t a lot of other places open to get what you need, electronics, games, and all of that.”

Dollar Tree was one of the few other stores we found open this Thanksgiving day.

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Besides the good deals, shoppers will also find extra safety on Black Friday in the wake of a series of brazen robberies, smashes and grabs in the Bay Area, Including Walnut Creek’s Nordstrom last weekend.

British tourist Mike Emberson said: ‘It had already made the news in the UK of Nordstrom’s shop being broken into and looted, and it was a huge shock to my partner because she moved here the week that it happened.

Now, Broadway Plaza’s main street is closed off with bright orange barriers, a reinforced police presence and private security, adding a bit of ominousness to what’s supposed to be a festive time of year.

Video: A brazen Walnut Creek Nordstrom-style mob robbery angers city leaders

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