‘Binge Times’, the first book on streaming boom, will arrive next spring – Deadline

A new book co-authored by business editor Deadline Dade Hayes will be the first to explore the media and technology sectors’ rush to live broadcast.

Binge Times: Inside Hollywood’s furious billion-dollar battle to bring down Netflix It will be published on April 19 by William MorrowHarperCollins imprint. New York-based Hayes co-authored the book with Los Angeles-based Dawn Chmielewski, a Reuters media and entertainment reporter and former editor of Deadline.

The book focuses on the 2019-20 period when nearly every month a major new entrant is released. Plus in-depth photos for Apple TV +, Disney +, Peacock, Quibi, and HBO Max, takes readers inside well-known streaming entities such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. The book examines a series of decisions and subsequent developments in media and technology since the birth of the Internet that led to the current obsession with live broadcasting.

Deadline readers know the basic outline of the tale. As the Internet achieved the speed of broadband and direct-to-consumer broadcasting became possible in the 2000s, few gamers took it seriously as if they finally did. Traditional media companies were cashing eight- and nine-digit checks for licensing their shows and movies and were content with that revenue at the top of the still-growing pay-TV ecosystem and box office. Only a decade later, after witnessing the wages of wire-cutting and the fragility of movie theaters, a group of companies decided to get into the live-streaming game.

Even then, as the multi-billion dollar derby heated up, came Covid, the real black swan event that brought both positive and negative consequences. The pandemic provided a short-term incentive to flow in general, but it also posed severe challenges to production, product engineering, marketing, and many other areas.

The authors are represented by Daniel Greenberg at Levine Greenberg Rostan. Editing by Mauro Depreta, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor at William Morrow Bing Times.

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