Billionaire Blast Off: Rocket rider in space

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Billionaire Blast Off: Rocket rider in space

Cape Canaveral, Fla. – Two billionaires are putting everything on the line this month to launch their rockets into space.

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The lucrative, high-stakes patch for space tourists will stretch from the edge of space – 55 miles to 66 miles (88 kilometers to 106 kilometers), and Virgin Galactic’s Richard Bresnan has named the world’s richest man, Blue. Originally competed against Jeff Bezos.

Branson, who is due to leave New Mexico on Sunday, was aboard a rocket plane with two pilots and three other crew members that flew over a double-fuselage.

The Bezos departed from West Texas nine days later, exploding in a fully automatic capsule with three guests: her brother, an 82-year-old female aviation pilot who has been waiting six decades to shoot into space. And won a 28 million charity auction. .

Branson’s flight will be longer, but Bezos’ will be longer.

Branson’s craft has more windows, but Bezos has larger windows.

Branson’s pilot has already flown three times. Bezos has five times more flights than test flights, although there are no passengers on board.

However, they are shooting in the sky for the right to boast as the first person to fly their rockets in space and experience weightlessness for three to four minutes.

Branson, who turns 71 in another week, considers it “very important” to try it before allowing astronauts on board. He insists he is not scared. It is a thrilling adventure that kites across the English Channel and tries to surround the world in a hot air balloon.

“As a kid, I wanted to go into space. When that wasn’t a possibility for my generation, I registered the name Virgin Galactic with the idea of ​​starting a company that could do that,” Branson said. Seventeen years after the founding of Virgin Galactic, he is on the verge of experiencing space for himself.

“It’s amazing where an idea can guide you, no matter how far it goes, but it’s already known.”

Bezos, 57, who retired as Amazon’s CEO on Monday, announced in early June that he was choosing the 52nd anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s moon landing, the first of his New Shepard rocket. Passengers will join the flight.

Bezos said via Instagram that he also had childhood dreams of space travel. “On July 20, I will travel with my brother. Greatest adventure, with my best friend. “

Branson was scheduled to fly to Virgin Galactic later this year, the second of three more test flights scheduled for next year, ahead of ticket holders. But last weekend, he moved on.

He insists he is not trying to defeat Bezos and that this is not a race. Nevertheless, the announcement came just hours after Beroze was revealed to be entering space via a funk, one of the last 13 surviving members of Mercury 13. 13 female pilots have never made it into space despite passing similar tests. Originally from NASA in the early 1960’s, all male Mercury as 7 astronauts.

Bezos has not publicly commented on Branson’s upcoming flight.

But some people of Blue Origin are already advancing the fact that their capsule has crossed the Carmen Line 62 miles (100 kilometers) above, while the peak of the Virgin Galactic is 55 miles (88 kilometers). In Europe, the International Aeronautics and Astronautical Federations have recognized the Kerman Line as the official boundary between the upper atmosphere and space, while NASA, the Air Force, the Federal Aviation Administration and some astronomers have identified at least 50 miles (80 km). Accept height.

Blue Origin flights last 10 minutes until a capsule parachute lands on the desert floor. About 14 to 17 minutes after the last time Virgin Galactic, when the spacecraft falls from Matshop and fires its rocket motor for steep climb until it reaches the runway landing.

SpaceX’s Elon Musk doesn’t hops fast and down on the edge of space. Its capsules go into orbit all the way, and they are shooting Mars.

“There’s a big difference between reaching space and reaching orbit,” Musk said on Twitter last week.

Musk has already delivered 10 astronauts to NASA’s International Space Station, and his company’s first private spacelight is coming in September for another billionaire who bought a three-day, globally orbiting ride. ۔

Regardless of how high they fly, Virgin Galactic and Blue Orion are already referring to their prospective client as “astronauts”. Virgin Galactic has more than 600 seats reserved for more than 250,000. After the Bezos flight, Blue Origin is expected to announce prices and start selling tickets.

Phil McCluster, NASA’s commercial spacelight director, called it a space renovation, especially as the space station prepares to receive visitors, starting in October with a Russian actress and movie producer, in December. A pair of Japanese and a SpaceX. Provision of business staff in January

“Next year, it’s really going to start moving very fast, so we’re really excited about that,” NASA astronaut Shane Cambridge told the space station last week.

This is exactly what NASA wants in the future once the shuttles retire and private companies take over the space station ferry. Atlantis blew up the last shuttle flight 10 years ago on Thursday.

“Is the way I’m looking so much better, better?” McAllister said. “Even better.”

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