Biden’s infrastructure plans are a major rebuke to Reagan’s economic policy, but about a dozen Democrats aren’t ready to give them up.

President Joe Biden; Senator Joe Mansion Nina Reggio/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images; Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

  • Democrats want to ignore Regonomics, which has lowered social safety nets and taxes on the wealthy.

  • President Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure proposals would do just that.

  • But some moderates are holding on and delaying approval of the full agenda.

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The Democrats have endured 40 years of living under the legacy of Ronald Reagan, and they are eager to replace it with something else.

The last time they combined control of the White House and Congress, they spent all of Barack Obama’s political capital to make the long-term goal of universal health care a reality. Now, they want to transform the American economy under Joe Biden.

The problem is that dozens of moderates don’t seem ready to give up on Reganomix.

California progressive Ro Khanna told financial times that “two naysayers” were threatening what he called “the greatest public social investment since the great society, in apparent rejection of the neoliberalism of the Reagan and Thatcher years.”

Khanna was referring to Thursday’s vote on a bipartisan proposal is withdrawn Progressives have revolted against the moderates’ reluctance to advance Biden’s full agenda.

Biden explained his agenda April address To a joint session of Congress: “Sleep-down economics has never worked, and it’s time to grow the economy from the bottom-up.” in a Town Hall after three months“I’m tired of bleeding down the drain,” Biden said, and that it was time to move on.

Data supports Biden’s argument: One study examines 50 years of tax cuts have found Lowering interest rates for the rich often benefits the rich, and can increase inequality.

Two bills to make the economic agenda a reality are currently being negotiated in Congress. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, or ‘BIF’, is a $1.2 trillion (AU$2) shortened package that focuses on spending on things like roads and highways. As the name implies, this plan was developed in part by Republicans Vote for it to pass the Senate. The other offer is $3.5 trillion ($5 USD) partisan reconciliation package It covers everything from universal pre-kindergarten finance to climate finance. This is the Human Infrastructure Plan, or “HIP”.

For the most famous progressives He said That the two proposals should move together – a feeling that echo Written by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden. Progressives warned that they would torpedo any stand-alone bipartisan bill, because it does not allocate funding to key progressive priorities.

But, as it became clear that major moderates like Senator Joe Manchin weren’t on board size From the reconciliation proposal, Pelosi took a Adventure And paid to vote on the BIF. As the progressives warned, Pay for retreat. Now, the Democrats are a mess — and many are sick of them The main moderates – They are trying to find a way forward.

There is a big split between the centrists and the progressives

Biden’s economic rebuke of Rigani’s leaking ideology, which may come in the form of trillions in infrastructure spending and tax increases targeting the most profitable Americans, may still be torpedoed by moderates calling for price cuts.

For example, there is a mansion who Reporters This week, “I’ve never been a liberal in any way, shape, or form.” and Senator Kirsten Sinema, from attract anger from Democrats In her home state of Arizona, He said It wouldn’t support a $3.5 trillion ($5 trillion) bill.

Manchin agrees. “What I’ve made clear to the president and Democratic leaders is that spending trillions more on new and expanded government programs, when we can’t even pay for basic social programs, like Social Security and Medicare, is the definition of fiscal insanity,” Manchin said at statment this week.

as USA Today reportsRep. Josh Gottheimer has emerged as the leading moderate in the House, insisting that the House now vote on the bipartisan bill only. he is He told a TV show that “we have to do both,” but added, “You can’t stop one, this infrastructure bill, while you’re working on the other.”

But progressives like Ilhan Omar are resisting centrist rebellion.

It all points to a larger battle brewing between the more progressive and moderate factions of the Democratic Party. For now, the showdown echoes game theory’s classic prisoner’s dilemma – which, inside, Andy Kers and Joseph Zeballos-Roig ReportSupports the current undo for progressives.

As a main moderator mansion Reporters This week on the warring factions: “I don’t blame any of them who think they are more progressive and more liberal. God bless them. And all they have to do is we elect more, I think, for them to get what they want – elect more liberals.”

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