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Biden visits Chicago to pay for vaccinations as city murder rate rises

The White House has announced that Joe Biden is set to visit Chicago next week to help Mayor Lori Lightfoot push for coronavirus vaccines, even as the city plunged into a spiral of escalating violence.

Biden is set to visit Wendy City next Wednesday, according to WGN 9 in Chicago.

The mayor of Chicago recently made a mistake announce Another citywide vaccination program to get 77 percent of adults and children over 12 years old to be vaccinated by the end of the year, according to Chicago Tribune.

The newspaper added that 72.4 percent of eligible adults and children in Chicago have already been vaccinated, but the mayor is looking to raise the percentage to 77 percent.

This goes beyond what scholars once named “Herd immunity”, although the authorities have recently I started Move those target publications.

Meanwhile, the city still has a high crime rate, especially an explosive murder rate.

HeyJackass.com Reports That 298 people have been shot in Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot so far this month, 61 people have been killed. Meanwhile, 586 have been shot and killed this year so far.

It seems that the number of deaths will exceed 719 Total killed last year, has already far exceeded 463 Shot dead in 2019.

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