Biden says the US is “determined to complete this mission” as the number of evacuations in Afghanistan exceeds 70,000 – as it happened | US news

You opposed the initial invasion of Afghanistan On the grounds that terrorism is a heinous crime but not war, and that we need to use police and intelligence techniques, while addressing the underlying causes of terrorism, rather than military methods to deal with the problem.

Many of us said at the time that the 9/11 attacks should have been seen as a crime against humanity, not an attack by a foreign country. Terrorists should have been classified as criminals, not enemies. As eminent war historian Michael Howard put it, the phrase “war on terror” has given “terrorists a status they seek and do not deserve.”

Indeed, there have been significant gains in women’s rights and education as well as democratic awareness, as evidenced by the recent protests in Jalalabad. The underlying reason was that the security of Afghans was constantly being undermined by the way the United States prioritized counterterrorism operations, which meant the military targeting of Afghans. Taliban Al Qaeda, and more recently the Islamic State.

In fact, there was no rebellion until five years after the conquest. The rebellion began for two main reasons. First, night raids, drone attacks, and bombing triggered a counter-reaction. Second, allies of the United States in the counterterrorism endeavor were the so-called warlords, many of the same people or their children the CIA recruited to fight the Soviets in the 1980s. It was the continued presence of criminal and predatory warlords within the Afghan government that explained its systemic corruption and lack of legitimacy. Civil society groups have been vocal and persistent in their demands for justice and an end to corruption. But their demands were ignored.


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