Biden puts his head in his hands during a tense exchange with a Fox reporter after the Kabul statement

President Joe Biden wrapped up his press conference Thursday by sparking a back-and-forth dialogue with Fox News’ Peter Dossey, whose questions left Biden resting his head on his hands in an angry fashion.

Speaking to reporters after he delivered a speech in the afternoon following an ISIS attack in Kabul that killed dozens of US service members, including 11 Marines and a Navy medic, Biden defied Mr Dossey’s assertion that he bears full responsibility for the chaos. in the country. Afghanistan, while referring to the agreement signed by the Trump administration with the Taliban.

During the exchange, he said Mr. Doocy knew, and was refusing to include his reports, that attacks on American personnel had only stopped in the past year due to a promise by the then US administration to leave Afghanistan by May 1.

“I’m basically taking responsibility for all of this that’s happened recently. But here’s the deal: You know, I hope one day you will say these things, you know as I do that the former president made a deal with the Taliban,” said Mr. Biden, prior to Ducey’s response, triggered the gesture.

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