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Bham Now Social Media Manager

BS in Marketing or Digital Media

Bham Now is looking for a full-time social worker to lead the strategy and implementation of all social media channels.

The Social Media Manager will ensure that the Bham Now, Bama Buzz brands (and other brands produced) are represented consistently and effectively on all channels.

The successful candidate will have strong creativity and analytical skills and be familiar with the standard key performance indicators (KPIs) for all social channels. The candidate will often be associated with clients and staff and must have excellent oral, written and promotional skills.

Some responsibilities will include the following:

  • Produce and implement marketing strategies and strategies that are in line with the business goals of Bham Now and its customers.
  • Own and build diaries on social media publishing.
  • Create, display and publish content directly, as well as oversee content published by others.
  • Manage editing, approval, and scheduling of all locations for all systems
  • Design and implement campaigns with different goals on social channels (eg product promotions, branding, awareness campaigns, contests, etc.)
  • Measure, test, and report on social and analytics campaigns.
  • Engage with brand followers and fans on social media.
  • Guide other team members on best practices to share content and increase engagement.
  • Consult with Bham Now customers, as appropriate about their social media performance.
  • Stay informed by constantly learning about development and tools in social media, digital marketing, technology and advertising.

Important skills

  1. You are strategic

You understand the “why” of using different social channels, including similarities between them. You know how your job supports our broader marketing goals.

  1. You are data-driven

You must know the basics of what to measure on each channel and why. You have proven experience in using analytics to show profitability in a variety of ways. You love to keep track of developments and you are constantly learning how to improve each post and each channel.

  1. You are creative

You have opinions on what works for brands on social media – and what does not. You know how to create effectively with writing, design, photography, video. You know how to determine what our audience wants to see and participate in. You believe in AB tests and C and D if necessary. 😉

  1. You’re a person

You enjoy encouraging others and being a part of the meeting, whether it’s on social media posts or meeting with clients. You are helpful. You love connecting people and giving them answers. Our participation in social media will depend on your ability to practice this behavior on a daily basis.

  1. You are intelligent

Social media is moving fast and not every tweet or comment will go through a multi-step monitoring and editorial process. Your actions will represent the trademark of Bham Now. One comment or gesture in a poor assessment could take months or years to clear. You need good judgment and knowledge to make timely decisions.

  1. You’re over-organized

Social media executives struggle with a lot of moving things. They are posting dozens of times a day across multiple channels, monitoring and responding to comments, conducting social listening, monitoring developments and more. There is also daily management too. It is also a medium and long term strategy to plan.

Professional Tip: Yes, a little compulsive is fine, but knowing what social media management tools can help you automate certain processes, such as organizing posts, is the secret of majestic efficiency in this role.

  1. You know how to write

Excellent copywriting skills are required.

You must be able to write a killer call to action, speak emoji fluently but not disgustingly, and avoid typos (because, no, you still can’t change that tweet).

And it can become even more subtle. For example, to use a period in the tweet that is to be read as hostile?

  1. You know how to research

In an age of transparency and falsified news, the facts are not negotiable.

It means market research, audience differentiation, finding the right number or just fact-finding who won the Super Bowl last year. You’ll never get caught sharing data or quoting without receiving it.

  1. You have an eye for aesthetics

You must know about the development of photo editing this year and have an opinion on which brand is better to ignore. Knowledge of the basics of photography, video and design is essential.

But aesthetics is not just a third rule and the use of three-point lighting.

Great social media executives are just as alert to the talking details surrounding a post: as when #instagood is actually #cringe (hint: always); whether to RT or MT; or whether to send in Stories or the usual stream. And you would never, ever, send the same message across the platforms.

  1. You are agile

You could be doing seven things at once and still maintain performance because there are always chances that you will need to take eighths. Small emergencies and unexpected opportunities accompany the area.

You need to be able to deal with these situations as they arise and follow the current without sacrificing your long-term goals or your sense of humor.

  1. You’re curious

You have driving curiosity about the world and the people in it.

Curiosity is one quality that great scientists, marketers, artists and customers have in common.

And since the social media manager is all of these things, it’s a defining attribute for the job as a whole.

Send your resume and cover letter answering why you are the best social media manager we can find at

Health benefits, IRA and paid vacation immediately available upon hiring.

Bham Now is an equal rights provider.

Inspiration for this job description obtained from Hootsuite with permission.

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