Bezos responds to Elon Musk’s parody of Amazon, Blue Origin

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos arrives to meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the British diplomatic headquarters on September 20, 2021 in New York City. Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, is alarmed by the ongoing legal battles started by Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin and Amazon, and believes the billionaire could make better use of his time. But an Amazon spokesperson says Musk has no grounds to criticize because he is as accused as Bezos.

“I think he should put more energy into getting into orbit, [rather] Musk said of Bezos space company Blue Origin and the ongoing lawsuit against SpaceX, by NASA, to hold a human lunar lander at CodeCon 2021 in Beverly Hills, California on Tuesday.

Musk added during an onstage interview with the editor of Recode in general Kara Swisher.

the next day, the edge It reported that after CodeCon’s letter from Musk, she received an unsolicited 13-page document from Amazon that included dozens of lawsuits, government petitions, and other legal actions taken by SpaceX over the years.

“A list of some of the times SpaceX has sued the US government over procurement matters and protested various government decisions is attached,” a spokesperson for Amazon’s satellite division, Project Kuiper, wrote in an email to the publication.

The document classifies 39 legal actions SpaceX has taken since 2004 (SpaceX was founded in 2002) into three areas: litigation, protests with the Government Accountability Office, and objections to the FCC.

“It’s difficult to reconcile this historical record with their recent stance that others are introducing similar actions,” an Amazon spokesperson Kyber wrote in an email to The Verge.

After Amazon’s statement was published by various media outlets, Musk said in a tweet on Wednesday that “SpaceX sued in order to be allowed to compete” while Blue Origin “is filing a lawsuit to stop the competition.”

This appears to be Blue Origin’s situation as well, depending on your stance on the issue. The ongoing lawsuit against NASA focuses on space agency decision To hire SpaceX as the sole contractor to build a human lunar lander, which Blue Origin says is holding back competition.

In an unrelated project, Amazon also owns Bezos File complaints with the FCCThe agency urged the rejection of SpaceX’s proposal to launch the next generation of Starlink satellites. Starlink is a direct competitor to the Amazon Project Kuiper, which aims to build a constellation-based internet service in low Earth orbit.

In response to the complaint, SpaceX’s director of satellite policy David Goldman wrote a letter to the FCC in August noting that Amazon had not updated the agency on its Project Kuiper in “nearly 400 days” while it “has submitted Intercepts to SpaceX on average almost every time. 16 days this year.”

On September 1, Musk tweeted to his fellow billionaire: “Filing legal claims against SpaceX *actually* is his full-time job.”

Jeff Bezos responds to Elon Musk's sarcastic reaction on Amazon, Blue Origin

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