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Better weather applications than that

Carrot weather

CARROT Weather app only A big update Which adds to the fun of your weather recovery experience. Probably. The app now has a fleet of new design features, some of which are customizable – including new metrics, and reporting options.

Now, users are able to be the weather person on the road and can now film and share 30 second hyperlocal weather report videos. These weather news reports include current temperature readings (whether or not using the on-screen script provided by Carat) and possibly fake TDBT (mostly just like the ones in the app that make it so popular). Can display.

Carrot weather

Premium CARROT users will now have access to the Smart Layout feature. This allows the app’s interface to vary depending on the weather or the specific time of day, so if it’s snowing or at night, the application changes accordingly. Premium users in the app will have two new layout options to choose from, new section designs (such as weather effects, alerts, and forecast styles).

Air quality data is also new to the scene, Wet bulb temperature Data (such as a human survival scale), an active alert list, and some other minor design and data point options. The designer even threw in new aspects of success and secret places for him in the aspects of Carrot Weather.

You can download CARROT Weather for free on both iOS and Android. Premium upgrade options start at 3. 99 3.99 per year and unlock the best features of the app, including some new features added to this update.

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