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Best Phoenix Parties This Week: Elvis Costello, Queen Naija, $uicideboy $

Are you ready for a concert this week? Your options around Metro Phoenix include the indie rock trio Colony House, punk-rap act uicideboy, R&B artist Queen Naija, and the Latin pop label squad of Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin. In addition, the local 8-Bit Mammoth jazz band will also be reimagining music Cowboy Bebop In the Crescent Hall.

The biggest show of the week will take place on Wednesday night when living legend Elvis Costello brought his longtime band The Imposters to the Valley for the first time in 13 years. It’s a chance to see one of the UK’s greatest music imports in action and well worth looking into.

Read on for more details on each of these gigs or click Phoenix New TimesOnline party calendar For more music events. However, keep in mind that the delta variant of Covid-19 is an ever-present risk and that multiple local venues require evidence of vaccinations or a recent negative test result to attend shows. More information can be found on the ticket websites for each concert.

Colonial House at Crescent Ballroom

Do you love your rock poppy? If so, head to the Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue, on Monday, November 8, to hear the Colony House, the indie rock quartet from Franklin, Tennessee. It was founded by brothers Caleb and Will Chapman, sons of Christian musician Stephen Curtis Chapman. It is clear that musical talent is in their DNA. The band has been swinging since high school and released their third album, Leave what is lost behind, last year. The Colony House has a clean, fun and lively sound that, along with Fleurie’s opening class, will have the kids dance with abandon. Show starts at 8 pm tickets $20. Jesse Scott and Liz Tracy

Queen Naija in The Van Buren

Queen Naija has risen to the ranks of R&B royalty in recent years. In 2014, it was ahead of the top 30 in American Idol. In 2016, she began her career on YouTube, attracting millions of subscribers. And last year, she released her first LP album, missunderstood, which is heavily placed on painting The charts featured this single “Pack Lite”. Currently, the Detroit native is touring the country, including a stop at The Van Buren, 401 West Van Buren Street, on Tuesday, November 9, with the support of rapper Tink. tickets For the 8 p.m. party, they range in price from $32 to $35. Celia Almeida

Tokyo Police Club in Al Hilal Hall

Besides having a great name, the Canadian Tokyo Police Club have played some of the best indie pop music since their debut in 2005, particularly on their second album, hero. It was very hard to find fault with the high-speed pop music designed by singer/guitarist Dave Monks and crew for the 2010 release, which was praised by critics at the time for its combination of “light-fast guitars with soulful melodies”. hero It was re-released earlier this year and TPC is still touring to celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary. They are scheduled to appear at the Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue, on Tuesday, November 9. The show opens at 8 pm, said the whale. tickets $23. Daryl Summers

Negativland at The Rebel Lounge

Negativland, the experimental music group from the Bay Area, first gained notoriety for their legal battle with U2’s Island Records label. In 1991, the band released an EP named after the Irish quartet that contained samples of top 40 US discs Casey Kasem was speaking out while Kazuo’s song-filled version of the song “I Still Didn’t Find What I’m Looking For” played. The label feared that fans would mistake Negativland’s version of the U2 album; As a result, EP was pulled from the shelves.

While it’s fun to hear Kasem scream “those guys from England who care,” the EP was supposed to be an audio-art collage revealing hidden truths to the media, but the message got lost in the aftermath of the feud. It’s reassuring to know that 30 years later, Negativland is still bringing “cultural confusion,” a term they coined, to venues across the United States set to perform at The Rebel Lounge, 2303 East Indian School Road, Tuesday, November 9, 2019. She will be joined by experimental video and light artist Sue-C. Tucson-based artist Steve Hayes and Lauren Sarah Hayes will also perform at the show at 8 p.m. tickets $22. Jason Keel

Teenage Bottlerocket in Pub Rock Live

Teenage Bottlerocket of Wyoming takes their cues from Ramones and Screeching Weasel, specialists in catchy, high-energy punk music delivered to fiery background tones and guitar sessions like peanut brittle crackle. The quartet was formed over 20 years ago by brothers Brandon and Ray Carlisle after the breakup of their old band, Homeless Wonders, leading to a serious soul-searching, eventually abandoning the Fugazi-inspired guitar in favor of less complex and deeper. approach. Teenage Bottlerocket released half a dozen albums before Brandon died in his sleep in 2015. Ray Carlisle continued to work with the band, bringing Darren Chuka of The Old Wives on drums and back up vocals the following year. They’ve released three more albums since then, each filled with old-school bravado and tongue-in-cheek danger, including the release of Sesh sick! on Fat Wreck Chords last summer. They will hit Pub Rock Live, 8005 East Roosevelt Street, on Tuesday, November 9. The Last Gang, Tightwire, and Reason Unknown open at 7:30 p.m. tickets From $15 to $18. Chris Parker

Elvis Costello and Impostors at the Arizona Federal Theater

Elvis Costello has been a well-known music personality for over 40 years now. The author of popular jams like “Radio, Radio,” “Alison,” and “Watch Detective,” among others, is on the bigger statesman stage of his career now. Despite this, Costello chose not to bask in the glories of the past. He’s back on the road with his longtime backing band, The Imposters, which also includes guitarist Davey Faragher of Cracker on bass, drummer Pete Thomas, and keyboardist/synthist Steve Neff. They tour behind the recently released Spanish re-imagining of Costello’s 1978 album This year’s model Their performance at the Arizona Federal Theatre, 400 West Washington Street, on Wednesday, November 10, will be Imposters’ first concert in the Valley since 2008. tickets $49.50 and arrives at 7:30 p.m. party. Jeff Stroud

$ uicideboy $ at the center of the rawhide events

Call it punk-rap or trap-metal or whatever you want, uicideboy since 2014 has quickly become one of the most popular acts in the underground rap scene, earning a devout cult and leading the group out of clubs and into the center of Rawhide events, 5700 West North Loop Road in Chandler, where they will perform on Wednesday, November 10. Drug abuse, self-harm, and Satanism. Lyrical content like this has certainly made the New Orleans duo controversial in recent years, but as with any artist who becomes an outcast for overprotective parents, the art of uicideboy is dominating controversy. For their fans, Uicideboy$’s lyrics and music are all about catharsis – a kind of international group therapy built around music that might not be happy, but it’s honest. Chief Keef, Slowthai, Turnstile, Night Lovell, Ramirez and Shakewell will open the 7 p.m. show. admission From $53 to $100. David Fletcher

Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin at Gila River Arena

Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin had massive worldwide crossover success with Latin pop, selling a slew of records and becoming secret friends with suburban housewives in the process. So it just seems so natural for the couple to roam around the world together in places all over the world. Like many other artists, their main tour has been delayed due to the pandemic but is finally back on track. Shaken Kings come to Gila River Arena, 9400 West Maryland Avenue in Glendale, on Thursday, November 11, with the support of singer Sebastian Yatra. Ticket prices range from $24.95 to $494. Benjamin Leatherman

Bellamy Brothers at Higley Center for the Performing Arts

Not many remember that Howard and David Bellamy, aka the Bellamy Brothers, began their career with the Cheeseball, saccharine pop smash “Let Your Love Flow” in 1976. With the likes of Eddie Floyd (“Knock on Wood”), Little Anthony, and the Imperials as singers Backup. With their trademark extra-large hats—the Bellamys were among the first to adopt Nashville’s long-haired country hippie look—the brothers became forever associated with mainstream country music with their 1979 song “If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me”). ),” the first of 14 successful singles including several that became part of the soundtrack of that era: “Dancing Cowboys”, “Lovers Live Longer”, “Attractive Redneck Girl”, “Do You Love Is As Good As You Look” and “For all the wrong reasons.” Howard and David also paved the way for later country duos such as Brooks & Dunn and even Big & Rich. The brothers are scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. Thursday, November 11 at the Hegley Center for the Performing Arts, 4132 East Pecos Road in Gilbert. tickets From $49 to $75. William Michael Smith

8-Bit Mammoth performing at Crescent Ballroom.  
8-Bit Mammoth’s Facebook” class=”uk-display-block uk-position-relative uk-visible-toggle”> Click to enlarge Mammoth 8-bit in Crescent Hall.  - Facebook 8 Bit Mammoth

Mammoth 8-bit in Crescent Hall.

Music Cowboy Bebop In the hall of the crescent

Cowboy Bebop It’s a big thing right now, thanks to the recent debut of a live-action Netflix adaptation of the 1998 animated classic. In other words, it’s a perfect time for prominent local 8-Bit Mammoth jazz band to put on a show for their interpretation of the original anime handle. The sharp-suited intergalactic Japanese bounty hunters are just as cool as they are, but that chill spans tens and dozens of light-years when heard through the lens of the musical 8-Bit Mammoth. See you, Space Cowboys, at 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 11, at Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue. tickets $15. Michael Palladino