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  • A door stop should either keep heavy doors open or cushion the blow of a banging door.
  • We found the best door stops across categories like spring, hinge pin, rubber, and more. 
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If you’ve ever grabbed a spare chair or even a heavy book to prop a door open, it might be time for you to invest in a door stop. On the flip side, door stops can also protect your walls from doors flying open and leaving dents, marks, or even holes. 

While there are two main door stop families – baseboard and hinge pin – all you really need to understand are the main types in each and their unique functions. Magnetic, rubber wedge, and weighted door stops serve to prop open doors. A spring stopper is meant to absorb the shock of opening a door, while a hinge pin works for adjusting how far a door can swing open. No matter your needs, we carefully researched and found the best option for each type of door stop. 

Here are the best door stops

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