Best Buy 51 Best Black Friday Deals (2021)

Philips One with Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

Photo: Phillips

Best Buy, Target, Amazon

This is one of our favorite electric toothbrushes. It is not the most powerful available, but it is slim and light, and it offers only the slightest light movement to help you clean. This is a rechargeable version, but the AAA battery-powered one is on sale for $ 15 ($ 10 off).

Best Buy (White / Blue Design), Target

Not everyone is a fan of Keurigs, and if you’re really into coffee, it’s worth upgrading to something else. However, sometimes all you need is an instant cup, and that’s where Cureg works. It’s super compact, so it won’t take up much space on the counter, and it has a beautiful Jonathan Adler design. It sells well, but $ 50 is the lowest we’ve ever seen.

Best Buy (Sell), Target (sales)

It doesn’t usually reach $ 500 which is on the Best Buy list, but it is still quite expensive so this is a great deal. If you like cooking and baking or want to give a gift to someone who does, this stand mixer is a good idea. It has been sold to us at both of the above retailers, but it may be in stock near your zip code.

Best Buy (Sell)

A smart home needs a robot vacuum, and that’s a solid price – we saw it for that price when Deals first started rolling it out, but it went back up to $ 750. This Bootweek (9/10, Wired Recommendations) has maps for expertly navigating every corner, a carpet agitator, and it empties its dust bin. If you want to spend less, check out our guide to the best robot vacuum.

Smart Watch and Fitness Deals

Apple Watch SE

Photo: Apple

Best Buy, Target

This is the best Apple Watch for most people. Not even on sale, this is the cheapest way to use family setup with children or elderly relatives (they can use some features like calls and texts without iPhone themselves). If you don’t mind the fancy health features of the Series 7, this Apple Watch can do almost everything else.

Best Buy, Target

If you want a fitness tracker but don’t have an iPhone (or just don’t want to spend cash on an Apple Watch), then we love Fitbits. This charge 5 is a new version of our favorite charge 4. It can survive up to 50 meters underwater and can even track your sleep quality. See all the best fitness watches here.

Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Samsung

This is the best smart watch for Android phone owners and Samsung’s first to use Google’s Wear OS platform. It has many health and fitness tracking features, a bright OLED screen, and offers excellent performance, although battery life is average.

Best Buy, Amazon ($ 56)

Leaning can be a big problem when you are at the desk all day. The problem is, we often don’t realize we’re doing it. The best currency correctors give you a prod each time to encourage you to sit properly.

Best Buy

Even on sale, the price is annoying, but we really liked the use of Tempo Studio (8/10, WIRED Recommends). This version includes a wireless heart rate monitor, a recovery roller, two extra collars, and an accessory pack with a 25 pound stainless steel and chrome barbell. If you just need the basics, you can get it for $ 1,995 directly from the Tempo site. You’ll have to pay an extra $ 39 per month for a subscription, but if you’re paying more for a monthly gym membership and aren’t happy with it, you might like it better, and it will pay off over time. Can also save money. .

TV and streaming deals

Stop streaming stick headphone edition

Photo: Best Buy

Best Buy, Target, Amazon

We love all Roku devices, especially streaming sticks. It doesn’t have hands-free voice or programmable shortcuts on the remote the way the new 4K Plus version does, but it still has a microphone button that you can use. Older versions of the Streaming Stick Plus Headphone Edition also have a 40 ($ 20 discount) discount.

Best Buy, Target, Amazon

If you like Roku’s streaming interface, but also want the added bonus of better sound, the Streambar is a small, interior-level sound bar for smaller rooms. It was the first sound bar I’ve ever tried and I was amazed at how bad my TV speakers really are.

Best Buy, Target, Amazon

It’s technically retail for $ 50, but we rarely see that much and usually see it around $ 35. So in any case, if you’re a fan of Amazon’s prime video offerings, it’s still a good deal. This, of course, is very much towards all Amazon content. It’s a brand new 4K device that we haven’t tried yet, but we liked the older version and it hasn’t changed much.

Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart

Need a new TV? It has built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can ask voice assistants to find shows or answer any other questions. Even with the smart features, we think most TVs need a dedicated streaming stick like the ones above. We’ve put together more TV deals here.

Best Buy, Amazon

This TV usually goes for a little less than the $ 1,200 price listed on Best Buy, but it’s still a solid discount. We are big fans of Sony’s A90J, which unfortunately is not on sale yet, but it is usually very cheap – X90J is an LED TV, while A90J is OLED. Still, you can get a good looking TV without spending about 3,000. Large sizes are discounted as well.

Best Buy, Amazon

When the famous audio brand Sennheiser decides to make a sound bar, you know it’s going to be a bit special. Our selection for the best luxury sound bar, Ambeo does not disappoint. Full, detailed sounding music delights, and the full Dolby Atmos puts you in movie or TV action.

Headphone Deals

Jabra Elite 85T

Photo: Jabra

Best Buy, Amazon

These earbuds (9/10, wired recommendations) are valuable, but they also have excellent sound quality and noise cancellation. The best part about Jabra buds is that they are uneven, have a two-year warranty against water damage, and have physical buttons to control music playback. Jabra also does a great job of supporting its older devices with new features and updates.

Best Buy, Amazon

You can count on Sony when you want a big set of cans and they are one of our favorites (9/10, wired recommendations). They have impressive 30 hours of battery life, advanced sound cancellation, and can automatically pause music when you start a conversation.

Best Buy, Target (sales), Amazon

These cute little Buds 2 (9/10, Wired recommendations) sound comfortable and great to wear with their dual driver system. They are rated IPX2 for water resistance, so you can work with them. Plus they come in lavender or olive (besides standard black and white)!

Best Buy, Target, Amazon

The Galaxy Buds Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are good for everything, and they’re better than Apple’s AirPods in almost every way: they look better, are more comfortable, and have longer battery life. Parker Hall, Wired’s associate review editor, says he can hear music from zoom meetings to running, and these airbuds perform well every time.

Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart

They started at $ 85, went up to $ 100, and now go down to $ 75. We haven’t tried them, but we generally like the brand. Read our excellent Wireless Headphones Guide for more options.

Hard drive and SSD deals

Samsung T7 500 GB Portable SSD

Photo: Samsung

This is one of our favorite portable drives for its speed. It’s light but tough, thanks to its metal body, you can take it anywhere and don’t worry about it getting damaged. Capabilities of other sizes, including 2 terabyte models, are also on sale.

Best Buy, Amazon

We haven’t tested this particular internal SSD from Samsung, but the brand is known for making some great ones, and it gets solid reviews elsewhere. If you need to get your computer up and running fast, this should be helpful. If you need more gigabytes, other sizes are also discounted. Depending on your location, it may be out of stock at Best Buy.

This EasyStore drive is basically the same as the Elements drive we recommend in our guide, but it doesn’t have the power button. They’re great for backup and storage, but Scott Gilbertson, senior author of Wired, doesn’t recommend editing them to video or anything else where speed is needed. Just know that whenever it jumps to $ 110, it is usually close to $ 60. For a ton more storage, the 18-terabyte hard drive is discounted at $ 340 ($ 80 discount), although it may be sold in your area.

Phone and tablet deals

OnePlus 9

Photo: One Plus

Best Buy, Amazon

OnePlus 9 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is in the Honorable Mention section of our Best Android Phone Guide because it isn’t. As Good price for phones like the Pixel 6, but it’s still a great handset. The cameras are improved, the performance is as good as ever, and the screen is really good.

Best Buy, Target, Amazon

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone, get this Moto G. Its cameras are not very good, but it has good performance, and it can run for three days on a single charge. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles for that price, but it is one of our favorite Android phones.

Best Buy, Amazon

Motorola fans who can spend more than $ 180 for G Power should go with Ace. It is better than G series phones with overall smooth performance and two days battery life. It also has nearby field communication (NFC) sensors so you can pay from your phone (don’t call G series phones).


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