Benjamin Mendy: Footballer in pretrial detention on rape charges | UK news

Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy has been remanded in custody after appearing in court on four counts of rape and sexual assault.

The French international defender has been charged with crimes against three women, one under the age of 18, a court heard on Friday.

One of the alleged cases of rape is said to have occurred at Mindy’s home in Cheshire this week when he was released on bail for other sexual offences, Chester Magistrates Court has been told.

The other three counts of rape dated back to October 2020, and the sexual assault allegedly occurred in January of this year.

Mendy, who was expected to be in Manchester City’s squad to face Arsenal on Saturday until he is charged, will spend at least the weekend in custody after a judge denied his bail request.

His next trial is scheduled for September 10, and he could remain in detention until at least then unless his legal team appeals against the denial of bail. No appeal will be heard before early next week.

Wearing a red Balenciaga hoodie and black Adidas jogging pants, Mindy stood expressionless with his arms folded as he was charged by a court clerk via a French interpreter.

Debbie Byrne, the attorney general, said Mindy was originally arrested and released under investigation on November 11 last year on suspicion of rape. In January, he was arrested again on suspicion of sexual assault, the court said.

One of the conditions of Mendy’s bail, Byrne said, is that he shouldn’t have house parties. She said police were called to a party attended by up to 21 people at Mindy’s home in the Cheshire village of Mottram St Andrew this week. The court heard that he was subsequently arrested due to another allegation of rape and an alleged breach of the terms of his release on bail.

The public prosecutor said that Mendi had shown an unwillingness to comply with the terms of his bail, and that he should be held in pretrial detention to prevent him from committing other crimes.

She said: “The accused showed complete disregard, and the crown will say, arrogance in ignoring the terms of bail and continuing to practice his social life as he pleases.”

Mendy sat next to two court officers in the glass-fronted dock while attorney Christopher Staples asked the judge not to imprison the footballer. The stables said Mendy had already been held “for two days and two nights” while awaiting Friday’s hearing, and it was a “real shock” to him.

He said the experience “was a hard lesson of what could happen if bail terms were not adhered to” and that if bail was released on Friday the footballer would know it was “actually his last chance”.

Staples said Mindy was willing to immediately take £50,000 to court as security if released on bail, as well as surrender to “what can best be described as house arrest” with a lengthy curfew and an e-card.

The lawyer said Mindy was willing to live in a “much smaller” property owned by an unnamed friend, a “positive influence” on the other side of Manchester.

However, District Judge Jack McGarva said he was not convinced Mindy would not commit further crimes if he was allowed to leave court on bail. Mendy showed no reaction because he was taken to the court cells.

Staples told the court that Mindy’s trial “will be several months away, early in the new year,” raising the possibility that he will be in custody for several months unless a higher judge overturns the sentence on Friday.

The full-back was chosen as a substitute in Manchester City’s last game against Norwich last Saturday and has played five times for his club since July. He joined Manchester City from Monaco in 2017 for £52m, a record for a defender.

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