Ben Chilwell: Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel: The winger suffered an injury in the AFC Champions League against Juventus | football news

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel confirmed that Chelsea’s full back Ben Chilwell suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury against Juventus in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Chilwell was forced out with a knee problem after coming in with Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot in the second half of the match. Chelsea win 4-0 in Stamford Bridge.

Tuchel admitted after the match that he was Not sure if he will be able to face Manchester United Sunday, live Sky SportsBut he revealed on Friday that the injury was more serious.

Sunday 28 November 4:00 PM

Departing 4:30 pm

“Ben has a partial anterior cruciate ligament injury and the decision is to treat it conservatively,” Tuchel said. “And the next six weeks will actually tell the story if he makes it and whether he will be fully available after the six weeks, or if he needs surgery after that.

“Right now, I only care about the six weeks, we are very positive because the first revision of his body is very positive.

“I hope it stays that way, so everyone’s full focus is now on the next six weeks, to try and get him back in action.

“It’s a very responsible decision, so there’s no need to rush or pressure.”

Marcos Alonso will now step into the front line as Chelsea’s first left-back advances, but the Blues also have the likes of Callum Hudson-Odoi who have shone in the deeper wide berths.

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Chelsea coach Tuchel has revealed that Chilwell maintains an optimistic outlook despite his injury, given his initial physical reactions to the problem.

“We need to talk about it again in six weeks, we probably don’t need to talk about it because everything is fine,” Tuchel said. “This is the best case, and it doesn’t help if we start now to talk about the worst case, because there is also a better case.

“The coming weeks will set the direction. For now, that’s what we have. There is never a good moment for big injuries, and injuries in general.

“This is a bad moment for him personally, because he has been so good and full of confidence, he has been a huge part of our performance and our victories in recent weeks. It is a shame and a very sad thing.

“But he’s actually at the moment very positive, because his body has been reacting very positively to the first treatments and the injury.

“So after a while you have to refocus and focus on the positive things. And these are the coming weeks now to do everything in his power to come back and help us on the field.”

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Free to watch: Highlights from Chelsea’s victory over Leicester in the Premier League

Premier League leaders Chelsea host Manchester United at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, and N’Golo Kante is likely to be without a minor knee problem.

French midfielder Kante may only need a week to get back to fitness.

“N’Golo twisted his knee a little bit against Juventus, he felt a lot better since the match but it looks like he will be out for a few days,” Tuchel said. “It’s a matter of days, maybe one week.

“We still have a little bit of hope, but it’ll almost be a miracle, so we’re thinking about a week.”

Romelu Lukaku has managed to get rid of an ankle problem, but the Belgian striker still lacked match sharpness.

“Romelo is in training, and if you ask the player he will say ‘yes I can definitely start,'” Tuchel said. “But there is a slight difference between preparing for training and preparing for matches, then there is a difference between preparing for matches and preparing for the Premier League matches.

“The probability of him participating is not very high, because we cannot be sure of what happens between matches.

“We have to find the balance between giving him minutes and being absolutely competitive with the players who start.”

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